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November 26, 2017by Mike Mayleben0

Looking to enjoy the beauty of nature with all the comforts? Then what you need is a Glamping holiday. Glamping is derived from two words ‘Glamorous and Camping’. Glamorous camping has become a very popular trend these days. Who would have thought that camping could be glamorous? Well, it is! You now have 5-star facilities available at the most remote camping sites!

Benefits of Glamorous Camping

  • Luxurious accommodation

You can enjoy all the comforts of a 5-star hotel in the midst of the wilderness. The accommodationshas beds, mattresses, clean sheets and top notch facilities.

  • Choice of accommodation

You can choose the type of accommodation you want. You have a choice between an RV, Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer or even a pop-up camper.

  • Don’t need to lug camping material

The conventional outdoor camping involves carrying a lot of equipment and material to the camping site, tiring you out. But glamping provides you all the things you need for your outdoor adventure without carrying it yourself.

  • Exciting adventures

Many glamping sites offer outdoor fun activities such as hiking trails, children activities, pools and even water slides. Revel in these activities while basking in the glory of nature. Besides these, glamping sites also organize campfires in the evening. You don’t need to take the pains of lighting the fire. Just enjoy the campfire at sundown with a glass of wine.

So, if you enjoy the outdoors but want some amenities when you go, glamping is the lifestyle for you!

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