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April 16, 2019by Mike Mayleben0

For the 3rd year in a row, the Ultimate Beach Cart XL has sold out! Why can’t we keep this beach cart in stock?

  • Makes getting to the beach easier.
  • Provides instant shade so there’s no hassle getting your beach umbrella into the ground, and staying up.
  • Well built and will last you 5-20 years. 5-20 years? Yes, if you use it appropriately and take care of it, it’ll be the last beach cart you need to buy.
  • It’s the baddest beach cart in sand.

Some may ask, “Well why don’t you just buy more to keep from running out of stock?”

That’s a valid question and something as a small family owned business that we’re working on. Each quarter we are able to buy more and more inventory. We still have our planned accessories to launch this summer and we’ve released the Folding Beach Cart XL to meet the needs of beach lovers that need a more compact beach cart, but still rolls well in soft sand.

But Wait, There’s More!

We’ll be back in stock the first of June, still plenty of time to use the beach cart for the summer. So if you want to save a few dollars, reserve your Beach Cart XL now and take advantage of our pre-order sale price. We know, it’s not cheap. But you get what you pay for and it’s still half the cost of anything else like it on the market. If you buy a cheap beach cart, they last 1-2 years, so if you look at what you’ll spend over the next 5-10 years, ours is rather practical.

Ultimate Beach Cart XL
From: $524.99

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