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Advice: Dealership Checklist When Leaving Trailer for Work


We’ve put together a dealership checklist. We recently took our 2016 Jayco Seismic Wave 310 back to the dealership that we purchased it to fix 20+ warranty issues we came across. There were a number of quality control issues that caused warranty work that needed to be done. After learning some lessons the hard way, we decided to put a checklist together to help others.

Things you need to do, and we’ll explain why:

  • Remove or Disconnect your batteries.
  • Make a list of everything you want them to take a look at and/or fix.
  • Walk through your trailer with the Service Rep and give them a copy of your list so they have it in writing.
  • Put a piece of blue ‘painters’ tape on the trailer corresponding to each point on your printed list.
  • Take pictures of each item so you can compare before and after (if it’s a visual defect). I suggest taking a video as well.
  • Ask about their security system and what measures they take to protect your trailer.
  • Do not sign any documents that have anything stating the dealership is not responsible for your trailer if damage and/or theft occurs. Cross this out and insist they accept responsibility for your trailer while it’s in their possession.
  • Before you go pick it up, tell them to make sure your batteries are charged if for whatever reason they reconnected them.
  • Walk through the unit with the Server Rep going through your list and let them show you what they did to fix/address your issues. QA is not a focus at these dealerships, they just go by whatever the Technician puts on their paperwork.

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