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Andersen Ultimate Connection Safety Chains


Safety Chains Overview

This is the safety chains kit sold by Andersen Hitches for the Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection Adapter. Safety chains do not come with the hitch and not required any almost all the states. Per Andersen Hitches, Indiana is the only state with some grey area in their law requiring safety chains for this style hitch. It’s in your best interest to add these safety chains for precaution and the safety of others. They are very affordable and easy to install. We added them just for peace of mind, plus we live right next to Indiana, so it’s a state we’ll travel through often.

Watch the  Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection Review, that is what these safety chains go with (these are sold separately).

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Our Review


  • Fast and Easy Install.
  • Adds a level of security when pulling a large trailer.


  • You have to buy this safety chain kit separately from the hitch.

Download the installation manual

From Andersen's Website

Our Ultimate Connection Safety Chains are built tough! They have been road-tested and meet all current requirements for safety chains. This product comes with everything you’ll need to install the chains with your Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection (Rail or Gooseneck version).

NOTE: The two eyelet bolts replace the king pin coupler bolts that ship with the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection (Rail and Gooseneck version).

Review overview



Great product. Easy install. Can't say enough great things about Andersen products!

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