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How It Works

Delivery/Pickup Location

Custom Location & Campgrounds require a $25 fee that covers both the delivery and pickup. For Custom Location, enter address where we need to meet you during checkout in the Order Notes box.

Free Delivery/Pick up if you select one of the Avenue beach entrances. We will meet you at the beach entrance, these streets dead end into public parking lots.

Delivery/Pickup Date & Time

Select the date you’d like your rental to start and end. We will contact you the day before your start date with a more specific delivery time in the hour window you select.

We are currently offering rentals in the Myrtle Beach, SC area for June, July & August 2019. Interested in renting other months, contact us. We’ll be expanding in 2020!

Delivery & Pickup Locations (included with rental)

Big 13″ Balloon Wheels

13″ balloon wheels make it the best beach cart for soft sand with built-in umbrella on the market. Big wheels are the key in soft sand. They are lower pressure tires that squat for a larger footprint to roll on sand like a hot knife through butter. All other style wheels tend to dig trenches, making it harder to pull your cart.

36″ Swing Arm Umbrella Extension

Our patent pending swing arm holds any umbrella and moves it 3′ away from your cart for additional shade coverage. Our extension arm allows you to slide any size umbrella pole through and into the ground.

Chair Racks

This allows you to hang chairs on both sides of the rack, creating more space inside the cart for your cooler, bags, toys and other items you want to carry. You can easily remove the racks when packing your beach cart into your vehicle, or if you do not need to use them.

7′ Umbrella

Get maximum shade coverage with our large patio style umbrella that can be mounted to the cart or used with our umbrella extension arm. No more work just to get your umbrella into the ground without falling over, even in the wind!

Use Our Beach Cart While You’re On Vacation!

Save space when you travel by renting your beach cart. Our beach carts roll easier in soft sand because of the big 13″ balloon wheels. No more are the days of digging, pounding or screwing an attachment into the sand just so your umbrella will stay up – our beach cart will hold the umbrella for you. The cart also has a built-in swing arm to move the umbrella away from your cart for even more shade coverage. Add additional umbrellas for the most shade coverage on the beach!

Chair Racks: Hang your chairs up and have more space inside the cart for your cooler, toys, boards, bags and anything else you need to pack to the beach.

3′ Swing Arm Umbrella Extension: Cast some shade without ever digging, screwing, or pounding again. The built in beach umbrella holder transforms your most hated task into pure ease.

Single Trip Transport: Get straight to the action (or relaxin’) without all the back and forth. A strong build and ample space make multiple trips from point A to point B a thing of the past.

7′ Umbrella: Our beach cart has a built-in 7′ umbrella for maximum shade coverage. No more hard work just to get your umbrella to stay up, even in the wind!

Beach Cart Rental Myrtle Beach, SC
Beach Cart Rental Myrtle Beach, SC

Enjoy The Beach More, Make Getting There Easier!

Generous Interior Dimensions:
A roomy 38″ x 16″ x 9″ (L-W-H) interior space

Heavy Duty Weight Capacity:
Holds up to 180 pounds of gear and equipment

Convenient Total Width:
A 34” width easily fits through beach entrances

Durable & Dynamic Wheels:
13” balloon tires work on soft & hard surfaces

3′ Swing Arm Umbrella Extension:
Moves the umbrella away from the cart for more shade coverage

Removable Chair Racks:
Chair Racks keep your chairs out of the cart, giving you more space