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What Makes A Great Beach Cart?

Best Beach Carts 2018

Best Beach Carts 2018

Wheels… The list of Best Beach Carts 2018 should have ours listed #1. Why? Because only a beach cart with balloon wheels will roll in soft sand, and we have built-in shade 🙂

The wheels determine how great a beach cart is. Almost all of the beach carts on the market have wheels that will dig into the sand with any weight in the cart. I guess if you aren’t hauling anything that will work, but the point of a cart is to haul more than you can carry. Balloon wheels are the answer, they float on top of soft sand. Digging trenches with your beach cart is no fun, not even a little.

Our Beach Cart XL has 12″ balloon wheels that allow you to carry up to 220lbs with ease! The added bonus, we have a 7′ heavy duty garden umbrella attached to the cart. Transport all your gear easily, and have instant shade!

Best Beach Cart 2018

You can find other beach carts listed on Amazon, but they do not compete with ours. You’ll be hard pressed to find a beach cart that has a built-in umbrella. Most others do not have proper wheels to perform in soft sand, on asphalt, concrete or on rocks. You could take ours off-road in the mud and over small downed trees. Balloon wheels perform in the toughest conditions, and they’re very durable.

Best Beach Cart on the Market!

Our beach cart is not the cheapest, but nothing compares to it either. Our cart rolls in soft sand, built-in chair racks, integrated 7′ umbrella and carries everything you need to the beach.

There is not a beach cart on the market, with our features and our price, that can compete.

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