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Keep Your Drinks Longer – 20oz & 30oz Tumblers

Custom Tumbler Drinkware Cup

Our custom tumbler keeps your ice over 24 hours and your hot drinks up to 6 hours. 20 & 30 oz tumblers to handle any size drink you need. Great for camping, boating, the pool, at the beach, at work or in the car while traveling. These tumblers are made by Kodiak Coolers and powder coated with our logo!

Custom Tumbler Benefits

  • Keeps your drinks longer, hot or cold.
  • Has 2 style lids to secure your drink – no sloshing out.
  • Color options make them stylish looking!

We currently offer our 20 and 30 ounce tumblers in Pink, Teal, Matte Black and Matte Green colors. Click on one of them below to buy now, they are on sale for $20.

Out tumblers are tough, fit in cup holders and make drinking fun. Most other tumblers only come with 1 lid. Our comes with the traditional lid that has the drink opening. However, we also provide a sliding lid, this secures your drink better and keeps it even longer.

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Do double wall vacuum tumblers really keep your ice from melting quicker or your hot drinks longer? A quick search on Google will confirm this, but here’s an article: Do expensive coolers hold ice longer? Yeti, Coleman, Buckwaters, Orca, Pelican test

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