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There’s a reason why THIS beach caddy had a 2 month wait list last summer – it really is the ONLY cart that gets you to the beach easier! Is it the Balloon-Glide beach tires, or the handy umbrella stand? Maybe it’s the practical size that holds EVERYTHING – including 6 beach chairs! Regardless, the Beach Cart XL just makes perfect sense for glampin’ at the beach! Best Beach Cart in 2019 – Get to the Beach Easier!

Why Did THIS Remarkable Beach Cart Sell Out Last Summer?

With its smooth as silk Balloon-Glide Tires, practical size, customizable design AND swivel umbrella stand everyone agrees the Beach Cart XL by Glampin’ Life is the Cadillac of #beachlife carts. Which is precisely why it sold out last summer AND had a 2 month waiting list!

But this summer YOU won’t miss out! You’re smarter than that, and you’ve already decided that once you find out everything you need to know about the Beach Cart XL, you’ll probably order it immediately. Because being that struggling family pushing a cart that keeps getting stuck in the sand, spilling toys and wrestling with umbrellas is not the look you’re going for.

The Baddest Beach Cart in Sand – Facts and Specs

  • Large cart, 42 x 34 x 12 inches, but fits through most gates and exterior doors
  • The inside is 38 x 16 x 9 inches perfect for toys, games, towels and kids!
  • Holds up to 200lbs!
  • Built-in umbrella holders let you erect the BIGGEST beach umbrella you’ve got!
  • Huge 13 inch Balloon-Glide Tires get you across the sand, fast
  • Chair rack holds up to 6 chairs, or anything in fact!
  • Reinforced canvas features a drain to let sand out as you head for home
  • Customizable: Contact us to add things like tables, golf cart hitch, car hitch or cup holders
  • Front and rear landing gear legs stabilize the cart when parked
  • Marine Grade Aluminum Tubing and Corrosion Resistant against water AND salt!
  • 5-Year Manufacturing Warranty
  • ALSO rolls effortlessly across grass, and perfect for fishing, camping and kids sports

So, for the greatest outdoor cart you’ve ever had, and the best possible summer of your life – you could wait until next year, or try the Beach Cart XL now before we sell out again in 2019!

Big 13″ Balloon Wheels

13″ balloon wheels make it the best beach cart for soft sand with built-in umbrella on the market. Big wheels are the key in soft sand. They are lower pressure tires that squat for a larger footprint to roll on sand like a hot knife through butter. All other style wheels tend to dig trenches, making it harder to pull your cart.

Swing Arm Umbrella Extension

Our patent pending swing arm holds any umbrella and moves it away from your cart for additional shade coverage. Our extension arm allows you to slide any size umbrella pole through and into the ground. We recommend a spike when using on turf surfaces to help stabilize the umbrella. Available as an add-on accessory.

5 Year Warranty

5 year limited warranty against manufacture’s defect. We cannot, however, cover any damage to a product inflicted through misuse or unintended uses for products and proof of purchase is required.

Chair Racks

Our built-in chair racks can hold up to 6 chairs. This creates more space inside the cart for your cooler, bags, toys and other items you want to carry. The chair racks slide into tubing and secured with pins. You can easily remove the racks when packing your beach cart into your vehicle, or if you do not need to use them.

Cart Liner

The durable liner has a slit in the back to let the sand out while still holding all your stuff in the cart.

Future Add-on Accessories

We have a list of accessories planned for our cart to be released in 2019.

Why do I need this beach cart?

Simply put – to make your life easier getting to and from the beach, the lake, kids sporting events or around the pool. Why make it a struggle getting to the beach with all your gear? Our cart is only 34″ wide, so it fits just about anywhere you want to go. It carries all of your gear.

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 23 × 13 in

41 reviews for Beach Cart XL

  1. Ethel Jones

    We have 3 small dogs that we enjoy taking to the beach, this cart is perfect for them to ride in.

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  2. Marianne

    Got this as a Christmas gift from our children, it was a very good present so far!

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  3. Tina

    Great cart, great customer service, GREAT CART!

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  4. Michelle Hogan

    It does very well in sand but was a little expensive.

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  5. Donna Hale

    This cart checked all the boxes for me on what I was looking for. It’s wonderful in soft sand, very happy with it so far.

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  6. William P

    Had an issue with the first cart that was sent to me. I worked with Mike and he took care of it right away. Very happy with the customer support I got. I’m pretty picky when it comes to products, so a 4 star from me says a lot.

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  7. Mark

    5 stars says it all with this awesome beach cart!

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  8. Margaret G.

    Bought the cart at the end of last summer and glad I did. This thing is well built, the wheels do pretty good in soft sand with a heavy cooler and I only have to make one trip to the beach from the car. It was a little more than I wanted to spend but I see it as a nice investment from not having to buy new beach carts each year.

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  9. Brent H.

    This is the last cart I’ll ever buy, and I’m only 52. I plan on going to the beach for the next 20 years! I should only have to buy new wheels from going back and forth to the beach every day 🙂 We have a couple of dogs that don’t like hot sand or asphalt, so they hitch a ride in the cart!

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  10. Donald Stevenson

    This thing is BAD A$$! It’s built like a rock, very strong and durable for all the stuff we pack to the beach. Love not having to put the umbrella in the sand and hope it stays up. Been looking for something to fit our needs, found it and love it!

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  11. Kenneth Meurer (verified owner)

    The components that slide in to each other. The Handle and chair holder should have a sleeve for the metal to metal spots maybe made of plastic. The parts are loose a rattle a bit. This is not a big deal. I used some painters tape and got a snug fit for all components that were loose, and the cart sounds and feels more solid. Other then that thanks for your business. I’m anxious to use this summer.

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  12. Melissa S. (verified owner)

    It doesn’t fit through our beach house door without turning it on it’s side. We have to take it out & then load our things. It does work great on the beach

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  13. Lori C. (verified owner)

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  14. Brian H. (verified owner)

    It’s a little pricey but you get what you pay for.

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  15. CYNTHIA KENT (verified owner)

    We really like the cart, I just think it was a little expensive. But overall it works really well.

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  16. Martha M. (verified owner)

    Was this review helpful to you?
  17. Margaret S. (verified owner)

    It was a gift and has not been put together yet. It looks like it will work well.

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  18. Fred Jimenez (verified owner)

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  19. DAN

    It is just what we were looking for. I am not the normal beach goer. I have a fishing beach cart and it is loaded with surf fishing gear. We have two basset hounds that we take to the beach. We needed another cart to carry the dog stuff……..OK we are crazy but the cart is to put the dogs in when they will not walk anymore.
    One of the wheels has a big lump on the side. Tire bulges. Other than that the construction looks good.

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  20. Bob Kneubehl

    We used this cart numerous times this year. It’s easy to pull through the sand even fully loaded! Easy disassembly for transport, packs well. I’m happy.

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  21. John J Andaloro

    5 star product. Well built, light weight, holds a lot and moves through sand much easier than the small wheel carts.

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  22. Michael

    I searched high and low for a cart with balloon tires because the sand at Destin is deep and those other carts just bogged down in the sand. This thing glides over the sand is a great station for beach stuff. The extended arm held my second umbrella and we had plenty of shade. We were the envy of the entire beach. Great purchase.

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  23. Bob

    Perfect for sand. Tough to navigate with chairs hanging.

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  24. Bob Knapp

    It’s awesome ! Rolls easy, fits everything you need for the beach

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  25. Clayton

    It’s just what I was looking for, the only thing I don’t like is how wide the wheel base is because you can’t get it through a standard hotel/condo door.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Clayton
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  26. JD

    Excellent beach cart. Extremely well built. Customer service was outstanding. Zero regrets in buying this. The two umbrella feature is genius.

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    We live at the beach in the summer and thought this cart would solve a lot of our beach problems and be perfect for our family. However, it seems to be more of a hassle than help which is disappointing since the reviews got us very excited. We have people all different heights using it and still find it very awkward to push/pull. Either the handle is too low and you have to bend all the way over or it’s too high and it hits the pavement on the back end of the cart. The cart is great in terms that it holds a lot of goods but again it’s unfortunate that we don’t even bother using it because it’s not very easy to push or pull to and from the beach everyday. Customer Service is very good.

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  28. Letty Machado

    Great products and even better customer service.

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  29. Nick S.

    5 STARS AND MORE!!! Bought this cart with the intention I’d have to add more to it to make it what I wanted. I didn’t, it does everything I needed. Super happy so far!

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  30. Cindy M.

    We needed a lightweight cart that we could use for our beach house to get to the beach from 5 blocks away. Most carts work great on the road, but don’t roll as easy in sand. After trying a few different types of carts, we came across the Beach Cart XL this past spring, took a chance and boy are we happy we did! So far this cart has been a perfect match for us. It goes anywhere we take it, holds all our beach gear and no longer are the days of having to work hard to get your umbrella to stay up on the beach. While other umbrellas are blowing over, ours doesn’t. Thank you for this great product!

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  31. Chris S.

    Beach cart XL is awesome!

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  32. Chris May

    Only day two with it but really liking it.

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  33. Jayne Jefferies

    We have been looking for a beach cart that would work will in soft sand and carry all our grandkids stuff, luckily we found the Beach Cart XL. My husband loves that the umbrella is attached to the cart so that he doesn’t have to spend time digging in the sand and hoping our umbrella stays up. We just roll up to our spot, open the umbrella, put out our chairs and start enjoying the beach

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  34. Stephanie Arnold

    Perfect match to our beach house. We have about a quarter mile walk to the beach and this made our lives so much easier! Everything we take fits in the cart, has racks for our chairs and no more hassle getting our umbrella up. We added a 2nd umbrella for all the shade we’ll ever need on those hot sunny days! THANK YOU for this cart, we looked for a year and couldn’t find a beach cart like this.

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  35. Henry Hansbaugher


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  36. Chip

    Purchased the Beach Cart XL and love it. Better than any beach cart I’ve ever purchased. I’ve tried many and wish I would of doing the beach cart xl sooner. Customer service is outstanding. I had questions and used the chat function on their website. I received a response and solution immediately… that alone would bring me back to purchase from here again and definitely recommend it to family, friends, and all of the jealous beach goers painfully dragging their stuff in the sand. Thanks Glampin’ Life!

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  37. Steven Mays

    Compared to other carts and wagons on the market, this one has a pretty good price and much better features. Love how easy it is in the sand, even with a heavy cooler and chairs on the rack. Phenomenal customer service. Had some missing hardware that Mike took care of by overnighting me what I needed. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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  38. Jason Avery

    Fantastic beach cart, decent price tag and super customer support answering all my questions.

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  39. Britt

    Great customer service. The Beach Cart XL is top quality. This cart is replacing a cart that we purchased at a big box sporting good store that served its purpose but was also hard to get on/off the beach. The Beach Cart XL with its balloon tires will be so much easier. Well worth the price. Plus it comes with a umbrella so it’s a win win. We are looking forward to many years of use with this cart.

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  40. Tracy M.

    Fantastic customer service and easy to work with! Thank you!!

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  41. Austin J.

    Exactly what we needed for our beach house

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