Camping Ideas That Will Make Your Camping Easy

November 23, 2017by Mike Mayleben

Do you love nature and outdoors? Do you want to go on a fun camping trip that’s relaxing and with family but find the process daunting?
Don’t worry with a little bit of planning you can make your experience simple and fun-filled.

Eliminate the stress from your camping through these handy tips:

1. Simple Meals 

Any kind of meal is enjoyable in the company of family and friends when you are outdoors. Do not stress yourself out in planning complicated dishes or those that are hard to cook. You could have a simple meal of tacos-in-a-bag. This is an all-time favorite of adults as well as kids.

2. Easy camping breakfast ideas

Scrambled eggs and bacon are a favorite at camping sites. You can crack the eggs and keep them in a mason jar. Mason jar can be kept in a cooler. You can easily pour out the eggs from the jar and scramble them for your breakfast. Bacon can be made in a skillet or over a fire, whatever is easiest for you to fry up a pound!

Another favorite breakfast that is easy to make is pancakes. You can store the dry mix ahead of time in a mason jar. When you need your pancakes, just mix water and eggs and shake. Your batter is ready to pour!

3. Solar Lights

These serve as a handy source of light when you need to move about during the night. You can charge it through the day by placing it at the tie downs of your tent and use it at night.

4. Emergency Kit

You may carry a first-aid kit which you might keep in your car that is parked at the campsite. However, it is recommended to have an emergency kit near you that is easily accessible.

5. Fire Starter

Starting a campfire can be quite cumbersome if the wood available is damp. One way to simplify the process is by bringing homemade fire starters. Make sure to check with the campground or county on any restrictions of bringing in firewood, most places require you to use firewood from that area.

I am sure you must be waiting to try out these simple ideas for your next camping adventure! Go ahead! Break-free and de-stress in the arms of nature!

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