10 Personalized Camping Sign Ideas for Inspiration

November 9, 2021by J. Mayleben

Hey, hey! Did you know? We can create a customized wooden camping sign for you, with the design you want! Our signs are made with solid pinewood and come in various sizes. So, if this has got you thinking, check out the following best personalized camping sign ideas for some inspiration!

camp sign life is better

“Life is Good”

This is a classic camp sign design spinning off the “life is good” slogan, and probably one of the most popular personalized camp sign ideas of all time. But personally, we’d probably put something like “life is good when you camp with the dogs.” I mean… why wouldn’t you? 

personalized camping sign ideas with illustration

Add Some Illustrations

Just how adorable is this sign with the cute chubby camper illustration? We often find illustrations great additions to your campaign design if you want something unique. Even better — base the illustration on your real RV or camper van!

curive signs

Cursive Fonts

We love how dainty and elegant this sign is. Cursive fonts make great accents, and thus add so much personality to the simplest design. We thought the arrow at the bottom is a good addition as well.

carved wooden camping sign

Carved Camp Sign

Carved signs are so cool! You may need to commission an artist for a sign like this, but imagine how much you’d stand out with this sign at your campsite! Another popular trend is wood-burnt camping signs. They both create great texture and color contrasts!

wooden plate sign

Plate It

A plated design with a vintage frame is another classic camping sign idea. We like how this sign added the year to the text. You gotta mark those milestones in life, you know? Think about making a new plate sign for every state you’ve traveled like real license plates. That would be a cool idea.

colorful camping sign

Multi-Color Camp Signs

It’s not the easiest to use a colored design on a wooden camp sign, but when done right, you bet you’ll be the superstar at the camp. Another good idea is to print a basic design and paint it over with colors afterward.

beer sign

There’s a story…

Umm, yea. There’s definitely a story behind this sign. But you know what? That’s part of the camping fun. Get those beer mugs ready and have a killer time with new friends at the campground!

thread art sign

Craftsy craftsy!

Don’t be intimidated. These threadwork signs are easier to make than you’d think. Just get a regular sign and only print design on half of it. Hammer some nails into the other half to create the outline, then wrap colored threads around however you want!

a circle stamp campsite sign

It’s a Circle

We love the circular stamp designs. But they probably work better as a door hanger than an actual camping sign. Some would also add chains on top and dangle the sign from a tree or a post. Regardless, it’s a cool idea to explore.

verticle firepit camping sign

Welcome to the Firepit

We really like the tall layout of this rectangle camping sign, and the welcoming message it has. Forget about going around and inviting people camping near you. Put this sign-out and get the firepit going!


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