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Noun. [ glam-ping ]

The activity of camping with some of the comforts and luxuries of home.

Our Story

The Beginning

Glampin’ Life came into place when I was looking for a lightweight beach cart back in 2015. My requirements were clear: it needs to roll easily in soft sand, carry all our beach gear, and most importantly, have to have an umbrella mounted to it, so I didn’t always have to be the first one out to the beach. When I couldn’t find the right product that met all my needs, I built one myself. That was the beginning of The Original Beach Cart XL — and the beginning of everything.

The Beach Cart XL

To bring this idea to life, I sold my boat to fund this venture. It’s been a journey finding the right vendors and manufacturers, but the response I get from customers is unprecedented. People are willing to wait an entire year because our product is one of the best beach carts in the market. In return, we decided to take ourselves one step further.

Our End Goal

Now, Glampin’ Life also provides accessories, replacement parts, and merchandise. In the end, we want to change the game for all camping and beach lovers with innovative products that will make your experience an unforgettable delight!

The Glampin' Life Beach Cart

Our beach carts are designed to move on the sand easily because our sole goal is to make your beach trips more enjoyable. And yes, that’s for you, the person in charge of arriving before everyone else, hauling all the equipment, and getting the site ready.

Ready for a whole new experience at the beach? Start with our Ultimate Beach Cart XL.


Rust-free frame with chair racks and umbrella holders. Holds up to 200lb.


Lightweight & Rust-free with large canopy!


To make outdoor activities enjoyable even for
the least outdoor individuals.

Ultimately, Glampin’ Life wants to build an outdoor lifestyle that is delightful, convenient, and stress-free.

The End of the Complaining Days

Remember those mumblings? All the “why can’t they make something that’s”. All the “why can’t we just have’s”. Well, we are here to respond to your most heartfelt calling with our innovative ideas, one of them being our Beach Cart XL. Do you wish your cart has an umbrella mount? We’ve got it. Need something to hold an entire family’s drinkware? We’ve got that too.

Wide Product Varieties

We currently offer replacement parts, accessories, and personalized camping merchandise while continuing to grow our product line every day. As always, we commit ourselves to make our products affordable. So everyone can get a taste of the Glampin’ Life they deserve!

Today is a day we remember and honor the soldiers that gave it all, for our country.
What each flag means at the beach!
Thankful for all the moms out there! 

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Beach Carts!
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Beautiful night on the beach!
Bring on 2023! 🍾🥳🎉
From our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas!
If you don't have 🌮🌮 and 🍻 tonight, cookies and hot chocolate will suffice!
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Best Christmas Movie of All Time - National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.
This weather 🤦 What happened to the heater?!?
To all our friends, Happy Hanukkah!
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day… 🥓
Llamas aren’t just adorable, majestic creatures. They’re also a big help to people all over the world. National Llama Day is the perfect day to appreciate one of the fuzziest farm animals around. Did you know they’re also smart, social and produce very soft wool? Some live as long as 30 years! Whether you’re cuddling up with your favorite llama or sharing some fun llama facts with your friends and family, December 9 is your day to celebrate.
Custom frosted beer can glasses.




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