Beach Cart Limited Warranty Information

Information regarding the limited warranty that we offer with our beach carts after cart has been used. We try to keep the terms simple and easy to understand, as opposed to a bunch of legal jargon. These bullet points outline how we handle warranty issues, in most cases we can send you a part that needs to be replaced to solve the issue. There are some instances where the entire cart needs to be shipped back to us (customer expense) so that we can inspect the issue, and if a manufacture defect, fix the issue. We will then ship the cart back to you (Glampin’ Life only covers return shipping). You must keep original boxing to be able to ship the cart back to us, there is no exception to this.

The limited warranty on our beach carts (manufactured by Glampin’ Life) only cover manufacturer defects, not issues caused by use from the customer.

  • Must be the original owner and purchased directly from Glampin’ Life.
  • Warranty period begins date of original purchase.
  • Replacement parts will be shipped to customer once approved.
  • Customer must keep original box to ship beach cart back for inspection and to be fixed if qualified.
  • Customer pays to have cart shipped back to us, we pay shipping to get the cart back to customer.

If you have questions or a warranty issue, please email so that we can track the communication (we will not handle by phone or live chat).


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