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200 Pound Capacity

Best Beach Cart 2018 - 220lb capacity

Safely transport everything you need in the solid aluminum build, all without breaking a sweat.

Heavy Duty Umbrella

Heavy Duty Umbrella 7ft

Easily adjust the built in, 7 foot beach umbrella for continuous shade without added effort.

Durable PVC Tires

Durable PVC Wheels for Soft Sand

Comfortably push & pull on soft sand or hard pavement with resistant PVC balloon tires.

The Best Beach Cart gets rid of all the hassle

1 Handed Towing: Pull up to 200 pounds of beach or camping equipment. Durable PVC balloon tires turn what used to be grueling work into a simple, one-handed task.

Rust Resistant Build: Enjoy a rust-free cart, even in the worst weather. Solid aluminum square tubing means you can leave your cart outside day and night without any rust build-up, ever.

Built In Umbrella: Cast some shade without ever digging, screwing, or pounding again. The built in beach umbrella transforms your most hated task into pure ease.

Single Trip Transport: Get straight to the action (or relaxin’) without all the back and forth. A strong build and ample space make multiple trips from point A to point B a thing of the past.

Easy To Store: Adjust or remove the handle, legs, and wheels for easy storage. With a simple build, removing the cart’s extremities means you won’t have to sacrifice valuable storage space.

Ready To Customize: Let Beach Cart XL work for you by adding your own personal touches. *Additional accessories coming soon!

Customer Reviews

Got the cart today. It’s great, everything we expected.
– Hank T.

Fantastic customer service and easy to work with! Thank you!!
– Tracy M.

This is the best I’ve seen. I was planning on making one, but opted for this one as it’s better than my plan. It’s well made, lightweight, easy assembly. (I only had to put it together, not make it from scratch!) Can’t wait for the beach!
– Bob K.

Thank you for all your help and speedy reply! It nice to know that there is still a business supporting customer’s!! I will pass this on to all I meet. Again thank you very much!
– Terry O.

Great customer service. The Beach Cart XL is top quality. This cart is replacing a cart that we purchased at a big box sporting good store that served its purpose but was also hard to get on/off the beach. The Beach Cart XL with its balloon tires will be so much easier.
– Britt H.

Enjoy the Beach More, Make Getting there Easier!

Generous Interior Dimensions:
A roomy 43″ x 16″ x 9″ (L-W-H) interior space

Heavy Duty Weight Capacity:
Holds up to 200 pounds of gear and equipment

Easily Adjustable Features:
Adjust or remove the wheels, handle, umbrella & legs

Convenient Total Width:
A 36” width easily fits through beach entrances

Durable & Dynamic Wheels:
12” PVC balloon tires work on soft & hard surfaces

Adjustable Beach Umbrella:
7 ft. umbrella & 4 mounting options for constant shade

Rust Resistant Aluminum:
A strong and long lasting build for easy upkeep

Removable Chair Racks:
Chair Racks keep your chairs out of the cart, giving you more space

Still Have Questions? Get Them Answered Here.

Installation Instructions?

We put together a video on how the cart goes together to make it easy. The axle is attached to the cart with 2 u-bolts, 4 washers and 4 nuts. The rest goes together with clips and pins. Watch now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AizqyJ8acKw

Are the balloon wheels durable?

Very, they perform in any condition – soft sand, asphalt, gravel, mud, grass, etc. They are made from durable PVC, the size is what makes them work so well in soft sand with heavy loads.

How much does the cart weigh?

Beach Cart XL weighs 24 pounds, so sit back, relax, and pass the handling off to your kids.

What kind of coolers fit inside the cart?

The cart’s inside dimensions are 46″ x 16″ x 9″ (L-W-H). It’s been known to hold popular cooler brands like Yeti, RTIC, Cabelas and Coleman for a true glamping experience.

What’s the umbrella’s height and diameter?

The beach umbrella is 7 feet in diameter (casting some serious shade) and approximately 5.5 feet tall.

Does the umbrella provide SPF coverage?

Safe outdoor living is our top priority. The Beach Cart XL umbrella offers SPF protection so you can spend days under the sun without ever having to worry.

Does the umbrella tilt?

Absolutely! The umbrella has a convenient tilt function that allows for full shade throughout the entire day.

Does the cart come with any accessories?

The cart comes with a built-in beach umbrella to keep you from having to dig any holes to plant some shade & rear chair racks to hold your beach chairs.

How easy is it to assemble the cart once it arrives?

Cart assembly is simple and only requires a basic wrench for tightening purposes.
The cart comes with the wheels, axle, handle, and landing gear detached (for easy storage). All parts are easy to attach, and full assembly takes only a few minutes.

Is Beach Cart XL easy to store?

The legs, wheels, and handle are all fully removable, which makes storing your cart easy. Simply remove the extremities, place them inside the cart, and store it in a convenient place.