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Rolls in Soft Sand

Durable PVC Wheels for Soft Sand

Comfortably push & pull on soft sand or hard pavement with resistant PVC balloon tires.

Built-in Umbrella

Heavy Duty Umbrella 7ft

Our cart holds your umbrella, no more digging, screwing or pounding for shade. Buy our umbrella or use yours!

Chair Racks

Best Beach Cart 2018 - 220lb capacity

Built-in reach chair racks holds up to 6 chairs (depending on the size). Chair racks are removable.

The Best Beach Cart gets rid of all the hassle

1 Handed Towing: Pull up to 180 pounds of beach or camping equipment. Durable PVC balloon tires turn what used to be grueling work into a simple, one-handed task.

Rust Resistant Build: Enjoy a rust-free cart, even in the worst weather. Solid aluminum square tubing means you can leave your cart outside day and night without any rust build-up, ever.

3′ Swing Arm Umbrella Extension: Cast some shade without ever digging, screwing, or pounding again. The built in beach umbrella holder transforms your most hated task into pure ease.

Single Trip Transport: Get straight to the action (or relaxin’) without all the back and forth. A strong build and ample space make multiple trips from point A to point B a thing of the past.

Easy To Store: Adjust or remove the handle, legs, and wheels for easy storage. With a simple build, removing the cart’s extremities means you won’t have to sacrifice valuable storage space.

Ready To Customize: Let Beach Cart XL work for you by adding your own personal touches. *Additional accessories coming soon!

Enjoy The Beach More, Make Getting There Easier!

Generous Interior Dimensions:
A roomy 38″ x 16″ x 9″ (L-W-H) interior space

Heavy Duty Weight Capacity:
Holds up to 180 pounds of gear and equipment

Easily Adjustable Features:
Adjust or remove the wheels, handle, umbrella & legs

Convenient Total Width:
A 34” width easily fits through beach entrances

Durable & Dynamic Wheels:
12” PVC balloon tires work on soft & hard surfaces

3′ Swing Arm Umbrella Extension:
Moves the umbrella away from the cart for more shade coverage

Rust Resistant Aluminum:
A strong and long lasting build for easy upkeep

Removable Chair Racks:
Chair Racks keep your chairs out of the cart, giving you more space