Beach Cart XL v3 - Soft Sand Big Wheels

The Best Beach Cart with Balloon Tires!

Best Beach Carts on the market, we guarantee it! On top of the best, they are by far the most affordable when compared to other carts like them. We offer both a folding beach cart with balloon wheels and a beach wagon style cart with built-in chair racks, holds your umbrella and carries all your gear.

1 Handed Towing: Pull up to 180 pounds of beach or camping equipment. Durable PVC balloon tires turn what used to be grueling work into a simple, one-handed task.

Rust Resistant Build: Enjoy a rust-free cart, even in the worst weather. Solid aluminum square tubing means you can leave your cart outside day and night without any rust build-up, ever.

Swing Arm Umbrella Extension: Our patent pending swing arm holds any umbrella and moves it away from your cart for additional shade coverage. Available as an add-on accessory.

Single Trip Transport: Get straight to the action (or relaxin’) without all the back and forth. A strong build and ample space make multiple trips from point A to point B a thing of the past.

Easy To Store: Adjust or remove the handle, legs, and wheels for easy storage. With a simple build, removing the cart’s extremities means you won’t have to sacrifice valuable storage space.

Dual Cup Holders: Customize your beach wagon with clamp on ROBOCUP cup holders that we offer at the best price on the internet.

Best Beach Carts 2019
Best Beach Carts 2019

Enjoy The Beach More, Make Getting There Easier!

Generous Interior Dimensions:
A roomy 38″ x 16″ x 9″ (L-W-H) interior space

Heavy Duty Weight Capacity:
Holds up to 200 pounds of gear and equipment

Easily Adjustable Features:
Adjust or remove the wheels, handle, umbrella & legs

Convenient Total Width:
A 34” width easily fits through beach entrances

Durable & Dynamic Wheels:
13” balloon tires work on soft & hard surfaces

3′ Swing Arm Umbrella Extension:
Moves the umbrella away from the cart for more shade coverage

Rust Resistant Aluminum:
A strong and long lasting build for easy upkeep

Removable Chair Racks:
Chair Racks keep your chairs out of the cart, giving you more space

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