Beach Wheels12in Balloon Wheels – 20mm Stainless Wheel Bearings (Set)

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  • 20mm (3/4″) Stainless Steel Wheel Bearings
  • Tire Inflated Size: 12″ Diameter and 7″ Wide
  • Weight of wheel: 6lbs
  • Low Pressure 0 psi Recommended
  • Hand pump included
  • Set of 2 Wheels

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Balloon wheels with stainless bearings
Designed for easy pushing, pulling and rolling
Hand Pump and two spacers included
Comes in set of two.
For Folding Beach Cart XL.

Balloon Wheels Specs

Bushing Hole 20mm (3/4″)
Diameter 12″
Width 7″
PSI 0 PSI recommended;
Always keep below 1 PSI
Weight 6 lbs

Inflation and Maintenance Instructions — Balloon Wheels with Stainless Bearing

Low PSI Recommended

Balloon wheels will build up air pressure with heat by nature. Therefore, you should never inflate your wheels to the maximum air pressure of 3 PSI. Too much air will lead to deformation and overstretching, thus reducing your ballon wheels’ lifespan significantly. For the smoothest rolling effect, always keep your wheels under 1 PSI, and as close to 0 PSI as possible.

Inflating Wheels For the First Time

The wheels come in a square box with no air in them. Use the hand pump to slowly fill the wheels up — an air compressor inflates them too quickly and therefore may damage your brand new balloon wheels. You want to put just enough air to start to round them out. Again, these wheels are designed to stay at a low PSI so they can squat on softer surfaces. The rubber will soften up in warm temperatures. In cold temperatures, they will roll a little stiff, until they warm up.

Maintaining the Wheels When Not Using

When storing your cart in the off-season or when storing the cart, let the air out of your wheels to ensure they are not in a situation where air pressure can increase. Balloon wheels require maintenance, so check the air pressure often. You are using them in the sun and on very hot surfaces, which will cause the air pressure in any style wheel to build. Balloon wheels use a stretchable material, so too much pressure will cause the wheels to stretch and/or deform.

Repairment and Warranty

Do your wheels come with a warranty? No, no one offers a warranty for these balloon wheels. We do cover manufacture defects, typically not holding air. You have 30 days to contact us to see if a wheel is covered, we do not pay shipping for you to send them back to us to inspect or us to send them back to you unless a replacement is needed – in that circumstance we will pay the return shipping.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 11 × 8 in

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  1. Rhonda (verified owner)

    We think it was worth the investment. We’ll touch back later hopefully to let everyone know. The construction of the cart is such that regular wheels might have out lasted our old butts but maybe the bearings will help it last for our daughter to use after we’ve done all we can.. =-)

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  2. Leon McCamy (verified owner)

    Shipp d quickly. Great company.

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