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Best Lightweight Aluminum Beach Umbrella for Big Shade Coverage. This style umbrella (aluminum pole and tilt) is not intended for above average windy days. Enjoy the huge shade provided by our Beach Umbrella, featuring 16 fiberglass ribs, rust free aluminum pole, and a sand screw.

Need an umbrella for windy days? Take a look at our 7.5ft Beach Umbrella - Heavy Duty Stainless

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Features - Best Lightweight Beach Umbrella

  • Large Sky Blue 7.5' canopy with vented roof
  • Carry Bag
  • SPF 50 canopy
  • 16 fiberglass ribs
  • Aluminum pole - rust free - thicker gauge tubing
  • Fully adjustable height with 3 set settings
  • Rod to help screw it into the sand
  • 2-way Tilt
  • Sand screw that fits our swing arm and beach cart
  • Umbrella Weight: 8lbs
  • Max Wind Rating: 15mph

7.5' Large Beach Umbrella

Need a lot of shade coverage without all the weight of a large steel beach umbrella? Our 7.5' Aluminum Beach Umbrella only weighs 8lbs and still provides a lot of shade coverage. It's built with 16 fiberglass ribs, so you don't have to worry about the wind blowing it inside out, which is so annoying.

Which Umbrella Is Right For You?

Umbrella Maintenance

First, make sure the tilt mechanism on your umbrella pole is snug tight. Wind can work the tilt mechanism until the button breaks. If this happens, contact us for a replacement button and spring.

Second, check the top plastic cap that holds the canopy on so that it stays tight.

SPF 50 Sun Protection

The SPF 50 canopy will defend you against the harshest sunlight.

The canopy comes in a solid sky blue color. When not in use, the attached strap will keep it neatly closed. For easy storage, simply put the umbrella into the carry bag that comes with your purchase.

Beach Umbrella Integrations

Our Ultimate Beach Cart XL will hold your beach umbrella in the cart or with an Swing Arm Extension for added space.

Beach Umbrella Tips & Tricks

The aluminum poles are rust free, but aluminum is a softer, lightweight metal. In windy conditions, you can always fill the down pole with sand to strength the pole from being bent by wind gusts.

Pole Depth

Only screw the down pole into dry soft sand! Wet sand, dirt and clay can break the plastic sand screw or bend/break your down pole. If you are bending the aluminum rod trying to twist it down into the sand, then you're going too deep or the soil is not ideal for your umbrella pole.

A good rule of thumb is bury the down pole 10-12" deep in soft sand. If the sand is wet, you may not be able to bury the down pole as deep without breaking the plastic sand screw.

Beach Umbrella Performance

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 61 in

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Image #1 from PETER B.
Image #2 from Kim Williams
Image #1 from PETER B.


It worked just as the description said with the wind and gives plenty of shade. As you can see and hear the wind in the video. We where on the beach in Cape May NJ

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Image #2 from Kim Williams

Kim Williams

This umbrella is so sturdy and blows away all the other umbrellas at the beach. I’m proud of my set up!!

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Image #1 from PETER B.
Image #2 from Kim Williams
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  1. Recently moved to Florida and quickly found that an umbrella was an absolute necessity for spending time on the beach. Google search brought me here, I watched Mike's videos and felt fairly confident that this umbrella was of higher quality than ones I've seen people bring to the beach. I've been using this for months now and it's holding up like a champ. It's sturdy in windy conditions and is large enough to create shade for two loungers, bag, and cooler. Fully recommend that you buy one!

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  2. It worked just as the description said with the wind and gives plenty of shade. As you can see and hear the wind in the video. We where on the beach in Cape May NJ

    Image #1 from PETER B.
    Video #1 from PETER B.
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  3. Bought this umbrella right after our old umbrella failed us during Spring Break in Florida back in March 2022. We used it it for the first time this past weekend, at the same beach in Ft. Pierce Beach, FL. We are so happy! Set up is a breeze and no need for a cork screw attachment to drill a hole in the sand as this umbrella has it built in already with a aluminum rod to insert into the predrilled holes in the umbrella post to twist the post into place. UV protection was excellent and no issues when the ocean breeze kicked up a notch. So glad we found Glampin Life! 5 Stars for sure!

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  4. Look no further this one is the way to go!!! We got it a few weeks ago and have used it several times on the sea coast of New Hampshire. Excellent quality and holds tight in the sand!! No regrets; we love it. An essential piece of our beach equipment!

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  5. First day at the Beach and was exactly what I expected.
    Highly recommend to anyone that would be interested in purchasing this umbrella.

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  6. Love the multiple level and it’s huge! Fits perfect with the cart and not concerned it will blow away! Cannot ask for better.

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  7. I had been through several umbrellas trying to find a good one for the wind. Living in Florida its always a problem. This one solved that problem for me. The 16 spokes and metal pole make it a bit heavier to carry and a few extra $$ but it is worth it. This is just a superior grade umbrella. If the wind is a problem then this is an upgrade that you need.

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  8. This umbrella is so sturdy and blows away all the other umbrellas at the beach. I’m proud of my set up!!

    Image #1 from Kim Williams
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  9. I purchased this umbrella a week before our annual beach trip. First day on the beach and this umbrella was fantastic! Had been on the beach for 6 plus hours and all of a sudden it snapped! Immediately had a chat explaining what had happened and he said he wanted to see it. Sent some pics and the next day he personally delivered a new umbrella to my vacation home. It was very weird where it broke and he said he had never seen one do that. Either way the rest of the week this umbrella was awesome and barely even moved with the wind! This is a very good product you will not be disappointed! Awesome customer service! I’m glad to see there are still companies around that stand behind their products and are proactive to problems instead of reactive! I will definitely purchase more products from glamping life!

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  10. Umbrella looks great and works great- easy to set up and provides awesome coverage

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  11. Love this umbrella!

    Video #1 from Dana W.
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  12. Best umbrella and easy to set up

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  13. Very sturdy.

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  14. GET THIS UMBRELLA!!! Don't even waste your time considering other brands, this one is THE BEST! Have used now 2 times on windy beach days in SW FL, and this thing is rock solid - very well constructed, and worth every penny!

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  15. Compact and strongly manufactured to sustain Florida Space Coast high March winds..... umbrella still standing after hours of surf fishing while other umbrellas were subject to failure. Good buy, good product!

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  16. Beautiful, as advertised

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  17. Large and well made. Fits in the beach cart perfectly!

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  18. Great umbrella! Went straight to the beach with it and used it every day for a week. Even big enough to shelter from a rain shower once

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  19. Unpackaged it looks real heavy duty going to use it next year season is over

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  20. Great umbrella with screw for the sand. It does take a bit of a push to get the screw into the beach cart xl arm extension, but it does fit easily once you get past the screw.

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    • It's a very tight fit getting the sand anchor screw through the swing arm extension, twisting as you push helps! We wanted to keep the sand anchor as wide as we could so that it holds better in the sand when not screwed in as deep, making it quick and easy to get anchored into the sand. We appreciate your fair and honest review!

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