How To Keep Mice Out Of Your RV?

January 14, 2019by Mike Mayleben

How to Keep Mice Out of Your RV? This isn't a new hack to keep mice out of your RV once you close up for the winter.....
Irish Spring Soap Keeps Mice Away
but so far this has worked like a champ for all the RV's and camper's we've owned over the years. When we go to winterize for the season, we add 1-2 bars of soap in every room.

There are a few steps you must take for this to be effective:

  1. Clean your entire camper. No food or crumbs on the floor, behind the couch or in the cabinets.
  2. Place multiple bars of soap throughout the camper. You can not put just one bar in the camper and expect it to work.
  3. You can cut your bars of soap up into large chunks to keep from buying a dozen bars, but keep in mind these bars of soap should last you years of use.

Tired of a stinky black tank, here's a recipe so you can make your own good smelling treatment - click here


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