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October 22, 2020by Mike Mayleben

Meet the 2nd Generation Folding Beach Cart XL

We’ve made a number of upgrades to our Folding Beach Cart XL

In 2019 we released a folding beach cart that gave you the option for 9″ or 12″ balloon wheels. There was currently only one option to buy a folding beach cart with balloon wheels, it’s sold on Amazon where the company buys Wonder Wheeler carts and adds 12″ balloon wheels to the cart and it retails for $370.

We wanted a more compact option for people that didn’t have the space for our Ultimate Beach Cart XL. So we had folding beach carts produced, we do not buy other companies products, we have our beach carts manufactured specifically for us.

There is one big problem with all folding beach carts on the market – the frame is made of steel. So if you scratch the cart, it rusts. It’s going to rust from the inside out no matter how well you take care of it.

This year, we produced the first ever all aluminum frame folding beach cart and equipped it with 12″ balloon wheels. The frame will never rust, lasting years longer than the competition.

We upgraded the front swivel wheels to a taller wheel that will roll better on pavement, concrete, gravel and grass.

We upgraded the quality of the liner and netting to a thicker material so that it holds up better. We also put plastic panels in the bottom of the cart (inside the liner) to help support small coolers.

Plus, we back it up with an industry leading 2 year limited warranty.

Folding Beach Cart XL

Folding Beach Cart XL

Rust free beach cart frame. 12“ Balloon wheels glide in soft sand. Heavy duty mesh bag and liner. Industry leading 2 year limited warranty. Compact design that folds in half, laying flat to fit inside your small vehicle.


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