Average RV Park Rates: How Much Does RV Camping Cost?

October 24, 2021by Mike Mayleben

Is RV glamping expensive? That’s a question many new RV-ers ask. And it’s a reasonable question to ask because many RV Parks come with administrative and other fees that you don’t see upfront. Overall, the average RV park rates are between $30 to $60 per night. Certain factors affect the pricing, and of course, there are ways to save so you can go RVing almost for free.

How Much Does the Average RV Park Cost Per Night?

On the low end, an RV park may cost as little as $20 dollars a night. However, the price can go up to $200 per night somewhere on the high end. As a general rule, public campgrounds are much more affordable compared to private campsites.

As a general rule, pick your RV park based on your budget and your needs. Low-cost parks can sometimes be nothing more than paved gravel, whereas high-cost parks are usually more suitable for those RVing with pets and families.

$38.50 is the average cost of a private RV park. $22.15 for public campgrounds. 4% is free.

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Cost Factors affecting Average RV Park Rates

The cost of staying is primarily affected by three factors:

  • Your time of arrival
  • Your staying duration
  • Amenities available

Other than that, how much it costs to stay at an RV park does vary depending on the state your destination is. Typically, a state with a higher cost-of-living would also have higher rates for RV Parks. The same goes with campgrounds in or near popular tourist attractions.

Time-of-Arrival (On/Off-Season)

When we talked about why you should visit the beach in fall, we mentioned the sweet off-season discount most campsites offer.

The same goes for all RV Parks. The same park could cost ten to twenty dollars apart per night between peak and off-season. Therefore, those familiar with RV glamping would very much rather visit somewhere outside the peak window.

Staying Duration

RV parks work very much similarly compared to short-term rentals. Therefore, if you’re experienced with hostels and Air BnBs, you know that a longer stay would save you more money than one night here and one night there.

Try to plan your trip ahead, and stay at least a week at a site. Don’t mind driving a little to get to nearby attractions. You’ll be surprised how much you can save on lodging if you just find a park that’s equally distant to most sports you want to visit.


Naturally, the more amenities you want the campsite to provide, the more expensive it becomes. Therefore, if you’re familiar with RV glamping, you can probably save more on amenities since your RV is already configured for good quality of living without outside help.

Furthermore, the type of your vehicle could also affect the cost since some sites can only house smaller and simpler RVs.

Cross-State Variations

The cost of living, the level of tourism development, and the latest taxes and other regulations from state to state can also affect the campsite rates.

For example, an RV park in Chicago probably costs more than one in Missouri, even if they may have similar specifications and amenities. And some of the priciest sites are around the state of California.

average rv park rates
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Private Parks vs. Public Campgrounds

Private campsites, parks, and RV grounds have been on the rise in the past few years. Just like how AirBnB works, you’ll find equivalent sites for private RV sites.

Many of these places only have one or two sites and are often part of private property. And you’d be surprised how much cheaper many of these places are!

Meanwhile, public campgrounds are larger, well-regulated, and sometimes offer membership discounts regular travelers can benefit significantly from.

Finding Better RV Park Rates

Average RV park rates are between $30 - $60, and anything over $100 is basically somewhat extravagant. Your best bet is always to shop around both online and offline before making a reservation.

Finally, remember that you can always look into dispersed camping so long you know what you’re doing. That’s free RV glamping spots in real nature — and nothing can beat that, right?

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