The Most Comprehensive Ultimate Beach Cart XL Review (2021)

October 25, 2021by Mike Mayleben

We know you’ve had your eyes on our Ultimate Beach Cart XL for a while. We also understand there are so many beach wagons on the market that sometimes it’s hard to make a decision. Therefore, we’ve put together this Ultimate Beach Cart XL review for you pulling all the feedback we’ve received since the birth of this product.

If this doesn’t tell you we have the best beach wagons for soft sand, we don’t know what will. We hope you are ready, however, because you’re about to discover a wagon that will completely change your beach life.


How the Ultimate Beach Cart XL Came to Be

Back then, we were looking for a beach cart that would suit all our needs. If you’ve been there, you know being the family mule isn’t fun. And it became even more frustrating when the wagon just couldn’t do the job.

So we thought… you know what? We’re just going to build our own beach wagon. One that’s the exact way we want it to be. We directly work with manufacturers, which saves you the invisible fees that often incur when you purchase from a third party. We’re a small business, so you know you’re working with someone who genuinely cares about your experience, and never has to waste time with a corporate customer rep when you need help.

All Your Needs in One

The one thing we hear the most in an Ultimate Beach Cart XL Review is how the cart truly has everything you could need to give yourself and your family a perfect time at the beach.

For example, the cart features

  • The 12” balloon wheels permanently remove the frustration when your beach cart digs trenches, gets stuck or needs to be dragged across the sand, making it one of the best beach wagons for soft sand.
  • The hard bottom liner lets you load whatever you want without worrying of poling through, spills or breakage. Some people put their small kids or dogs in the cart!
  • The most solid chair rack ever holds up to 6 beach chairs or whatever the equivalent of that is.
  • Marine-grade aluminum tubing that’s surprisingly lightweight and durable.

ultiamte xl

Assembly and Customization

Another highlight in many reviews we’ve received is how easy it is to assemble our cart. Our beach cart uses a unique pin clip design that allows quick assembles and disassembles. Additionally, the beach cart also comes with removable parts, including,

  • Front leg
  • Handlebar
  • Chair racks
  • Wheels

This makes off-season storage so much easier than other large beach wagons on the market. This means you won’t need to compromise for a foldable wagon due to storage limitations. Go for the full-size beach cart you’ve wanted. We’ve got you!

Additionally, this large beach wagon also comes with many customization options. Besides the removable parts, you can also use accessories to make the cart suit your needs better.

Available accessories include:

  • Surfboard/SUP/Utility Rack
  • Swing-arm extension (up to 4)
  • Cup holders
  • 8' Beach Umbrella XL
  • Front Swivel Wheel (replaces front leg to turn into a 3 wheel cart)
  • Golf Cart Hitch and Bike Hitch (coming this winter)
  • 2" Receiver Hitch Caddy - save space in your vehicle (coming this winter)

And thanks to the solid structure, you’ll never have any trouble moving around with your chosen accessories.


Why You Need a Beach Cart with Large Balloon Wheels

Since the beginning of the Ultimate Beach Cart XL, we’ve always heard people asking about the differences between various types of wheels.

If you’ve researched, you might have noticed most beach carts nowadays either have plastic swivel wheels, or small rubber tires. As a result, you’d often hear complaints about how the carts are difficult to turn, or they don’t really roll in soft sand, so you’d end up dragging things behind you.

But you won’t hear anything like this in our customer reviews. That’s because beach carts with balloon tires are the best for soft sand. Since balloon tires are low PSI tires with large contact surfaces, they won’t sink into the sand even if your cart is loaded to full capacity. They can roll effortlessly and steadily while remaining flexible so you can move around.

Ultimate Beach Cart XL Loaded Down

Ultimate Beach Cart Review from Real Customers

But don’t just listen to us talk. Let’s share with you a few real reviews from our customers:

“This cart is a Beast! First voyage trip, this thing was loaded up full of booty like a pirate ship. I’d estimate I had about 80 pounds worth of pop-up tent, cooler, 3 floats, 2 noodles, 4 chairs, umbrella, and a beach bag, as well as a couple of 32 Oz tumblers, that fit snuggly in the RoboCup Holder, that was purchased as an additional accessory. This old man was able to wheel the cart by himself through the paved campsite, over the dune decked walkway, and all the way to the far end of the beach, where our group wanted to set up in private. It rolls really smooth over the sand, even with a lot of weight. The products I’ve purchased from this site have been top-notch.”

“This beach wagon is AMAZING! It glides through the sand like a hovercraft…. and has the strength of an elephant!!! Every time we take it to the beach we are asked all about it. Highly recommended.”

“This cart rolls effortlessly across soft sand. It almost seems that it rolls better when heavily loaded. The chair racks are awesome; just make sure you balance your load to keep the cart from tipping backward. The liner is a major plus – no more worrying about smaller items falling through. The cart is plenty big enough to haul beach umbrellas, chairs, fishing gear, cooler, tackle box in one trip.”

Get Your Order in Today

The Ultimate Beach Cart XL has sold out 4 years in a row. Therefore, you’d want to get your orders in as early as possible. And feel free to read more reviews of our wagon, and see for yourself how others have found joy and ease since their purchase.



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