5 Things to Know About Tides When Beach Glamping

September 3, 2021by Mike Mayleben

Camping at the beach usually means a love/hate relationship with the tides. It can be a big problem if we weren't camping at the right spot and get washed away. Then, high tides could also be dangerous for little kids. But there are ways for everyday beach lovers to understand tides when going beach glamping. We hope the tips in this article will make your next trip to the beach more fun!

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What is the Tide?

Simply put, tides are changes in water levels. They are the result of the moon's gravitational pull, causing water to bulge. When the water gets pulled toward the moon, we have high tides. At the same time, water elsewhere that isn't being pulled toward the moon creates the low tide.

Look for Debris, Washouts, and Other Tide Traces

One of the worst ways tides can ruin a beach glamping trip is if your site gets washed away. An easy indicator is a driftwood and debris. If you find a lot of "leftovers" on the ground, that usually means tides come and go.

If you're camping during the low tide season, this wouldn't matter as much. However, if you're camping during high tide or rainy seasons, then you'd want to set your site up somewhere with no tide and wash traces.

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Tide Pools are Full of Surprises

Sometimes, after a high tide has receded, you will find small pools left behind like water pockets. These are known as tide pools and they can be a little treasure spot. You might find shells, sea stars, sea anemones, and even little crabs.

However, instead of taking these little creatures home as a prize, try to leave them alone so the tides can take them back. On hotter days, you may want to rescue these little things and put them back into the water because tide pools can dry up quickly, leading to the death of the creatures inside.

Best High Tide Activities

If you love the thrill and action, then you should be chasing high tides.

Get your boat, jet ski, or kayaks out into the water when the waves are high and enjoy a more competitive experience than usual. This is also the best time to surf since the waves are high and you don't need to worry as much about getting stuck or even hurt.

And in general, the water becomes closer. So if you don't want to walk a long way from your RV to the waterside, come out during high tide seasons!

Best Low Tide Activities

For us, low tide means family fun, chill time, and romantic walks. Low tides will expose the water's many beautiful secrets, such as shells, sand bars, and coral reefs. Therefore, it's the perfect time for a stroll along the beach. It is also much safer for kids to get into the water during low tides.

Low tides are also great for building sand sculptures since you don't need to worry about a sudden big wave crashing everything.


Tides are not scary or inconvenient if you know what you are doing. You just need to figure out the high and low tide seasons for the beaches you want to go to and plan your activities accordingly. One thing, however, is to always be alert and mindful, especially if you're traveling with kids, elders, or animals.

That's it. Enjoy your waterside fun!




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