Rio Brands Wonder Wheeler: Pros, Cons, Reviews, Conversion (Updated 2021)

September 7, 2021by Mike Mayleben

The Wonder Wheelers are one of the best-selling products from Rio Brands. They have also recently joined our inventory. However, if you do a google search, you will find a handful of results with different names and different models. How do you know which beach cart you should buy? That's why we decided to do an in-depth Wonder Wheeler Review.

We will also talk about converting the Wonder Wheelers with our kits and why a beach cart with balloon wheels is almost always the best choice for glamping and family outings.

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About Rio Brands

Since 1947, Rio Brands has been bringing beach essentials to households across the States. Its products are affordable and durable, often with modern and colorful designs. In addition, the company pushes beach glamping to a new level by providing beach chairs, beach wagons, accessories, and other useful gear.

As of 2021, Rio Brands holds over 25 patents, including its well-known backpack beach chairs. Its products continue to bring the joy and relaxation of beachside glamping to many ordinary households.

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Rio Wonder Wheeler Wide

This is the most affordable product in the Wonder Wheeler line, sometimes known as the Rio Gear Wonder Wheeler. Simply put, this product is cost-effective in that it meets most of your essential beach time needs, help you transport most of your essential gear effortlessly with competitive pricing.

Specs & Capacities

The frame is made of alloy steel and uses heavy-duty mesh for the insides. The rear wheels are 10" wide with a 10mm flat axel. Upon full assembly, it reaches 32 x 20 x 6 inches with the main storage compartment of 15 cubic feet.


If you're looking for a cheap, convenient cart, this standard version would be more than sufficient. The materials are more durable than they look, and it is easy enough to be pulled around. Additional straps will help you hold your items, such as the umbrella, more safely.


While the cart is foldable, it is still pretty big, even fully put away. Think of it as a folding shopping cart in terms of storage size. Sometimes, the wheels can be hard to roll on sand, but that can be fixed with a balloon wheel conversion kit. The material is also not the most durable — which is expected considering the low price.


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Rio Wonder Wheeler + Cooler Bag

This one is the most popular wonder wheeler beach cart from the line. It is sturdier and has a higher capacity compared to the wide (basic) wagon. Like the basic version, this large beach cart also comes with swivel wheels but is much larger than the standard version.

Specs and Capacity

The maximum capacity of this beach cart with aluminum frame is 100lbs. It can hold a 48qt cooler and up to 4 beach chairs. It also comes with an umbrella holder and a removable tote.

The cart is 40.5" tall, 27" wide, and 36.5" long. The heavy-duty mesh bag will hold most of your beach gear, including a medium-sized beach ball, most sand toys, towels, and change clothes.


The storage pouch comes with an insulated beverage compartment to keep all your drinks and snacks at the right temperature. The larger swivel wheel on the back provides extra mobility and stability for the cart, makes it easier for you to pull it through sand or grass. Also, it is lightweight and very quick to assemble.


The rubber track wheels don't roll very well in soft sand and often end up dragging. However, there is an easy way to fix that!

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Rio Deluxe Ultra Wonder Wheeler

Go with the ultimate glamping experience with the Deluxe Ultra model! This is best for a large family trip to the beach because it can hold up to 6 beach chairs. The Ultra has everything from the Deluxe model, including the insulated beverage pouch and the side umbrella holder.

Specs & Capacities

The maximum weight of the Ultra beach cart is 150lbs. It comes with 10" pneumatic tires on the back and an additional utility tray on top for drinkware. The fully-assembled size is 42" in height, 25" in width, and 33" in depth. It is the largest and most capable product in the Wonder Wheeler beach cart line.


The utility tray is the best thing on this beach wagon. You can put cups, a small speaker, even your phone up there, making the hauling much more entertaining. The large capacity is perfect for bigger families or beach tailgates. The wheels on these carts also work much better on soft sand.


Due to its larger size, there have been feedbacks that the front wheel doesn't work as effectively as the other models. Then, there is, of course, the price concern. In the end, this will be an investment you evaluate depending on how frequently you need the cart and how many items you'll be hauling.

Wonder Wheeler Balloon Wheel Conversion Kit

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Rio Wonder Wheeler Balloon Wheel Conversion Kit

If the only thing stopping you from getting a Wonder Wheeler is the feedback online talking about how the back wheels don't roll smoothly in the sand, then we have a solution for you.

Why Balloon Wheels

Balloon wheels, sometimes known as balloon tires, are the best wheels to use on soft sand. These wheels are actually tires inflate at a low PSI, making them hard enough to flatten soft sand but soft enough to evenly distribute the load over a wider surface compared to traditional wheels or tires.

Choosing the Right Kit

The most affordable conversion kit on the market: Wonder Wheeler XL Conversion Kit

Both kits come with 12" balloon tires to replace the original rear wheels so your Wonder Wheeler will never make trenches in the sand again. To determine which kit you need, Measure the distance between the rear cart legs from outside of the leg to outside of the leg. If it’s 18.5” or shorter, you need the 33” long axle. If the distance is greater than 18.5”, then you need the 34.5” long axle.

Shop the Best Beach Cart with Balloon Wheels

What are the best beach wagons to buy in 2021? The answer is the Glampin' Life Ultimate Beach Cart XL! These extra-large beach carts can hold everything you need and more. In addition, with our accessories and extension arms, you can customize the cart to suit your unique needs.

The large balloon tires on these carts are designed to roll easily through sand regardless of the weight load.

We also have a foldable beach cart XL if you're looking for something more compatible yet equally efficient.


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