How to Use a Balloon Tire Conversion Kit

November 14, 2021by Mike Mayleben

A balloon tire conversion kit, also known as a balloon tire axle kit, is designed to add balloon wheels to a beach cart that came with a different type of tire. For example, you will find conversion kits for Rio Wonder Wheeler on our website. You will also find other kits from sites like Amazon.

So, how do you use these kits to create a beach wagon with balloon tires?

Why Balloon Tires

As we have mentioned separately in many cases, beach carts with large balloon tires tend to perform the best on soft sand because of the larger contact surface as well as the lower air pressure.

Simply put, both these features allow the balloon tires to hold the beach cart on top of the sand surface regardless of the weight, as long as the wagon is loaded within maximum capacity. In return, you won’t ever worry about your cart getting stuck, sinking into the sand, or your tires damaged by harsher terrains.

Balloon Tire Conversion Kits

This is why conversion kits hit the market. After all, balloon wheels are still a very niche product, and not many manufacturers are directly producing beach carts with balloon wheels.

And a balloon tire conversion kit fixes provides a simple solution to this issue. Basically, you’re doing the same thing you would replacing wheels regularly. Except you are swapping the original axle and tires with what comes with the conversion kit.

What’s in the Kit

Your balloon wheel conversion kit should come with the following items:

  • A set of balloon wheels with bushings
  • The proper-length axle
  • A set of spacers
  • Lynch pin clips used to hold the wheels on the axle

Any so-called kits missing certain parts are nothing more than a scam, and we do not recommend you to purchase. Because it is best to get everything from one pre-bundled kit than find scattered parts that may not work together.

Doing the Conversion

Like we mentioned earlier, the conversion itself is quite straightforward.

First of all, make sure you check everything in the kit. Is everything intact? Any manufacturing issues? Once you’ve done an inspection, you can safely move forward.

Most conversion kits do not require any drilling. All you need to do is sliding the axle through the existing holes for the larger, back wheels, then securely add the tires using the linchpin and spacers.

Still confused? Here’s a video for you.

Balloon Wheel Conversion Kit from Glampin’ Life

Currently, we have two different conversion kits you can choose from:

To know which kit you need, simply measure the distance between the rear cart legs from outside-of-leg to outside-of-leg. If it’s 18.5” or shorter, you need the 34” long axle. If the distance is greater than 18.5” then you need the 36” long axle.

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