Where to Buy Beach Cart Wheels and Axles

January 26, 2022by Mike Mayleben

Getting that beach cart was fun, but when it comes to replacement parts… trust us, you’re not the first person feeling frustrated after aimlessly Googling. So, we wanted to offer some insider tips on where to buy beach cart wheels, as well as axles.

If you’re specifically looking for balloon tire gear, check out our guide here. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to convert your beach cart to large balloon tires, check out our balloon wheel conversion kits as well!

Amazon, Lowes, or other Large Stores

You can find beach cart wheels and axles on Amazon or most large hardware stores. And the pricing at these places is typically fair and affordable. The downside, however, is the fact they won’t tell you what wheel/kit is for what beach wagon. Therefore, the research really falls on your shoulders.

Nonetheless, since most of these places accept returns and issue full refunds, you’re not necessarily in limbo. But nobody likes buying a wheel kit only to find out it doesn’t work, so if you do go that route, just make sure to check with your beach wagon’s user manual.

eBay or Other Second Hand & Trading Channels

You can sometimes find much cheaper products on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and other second-hand trading platforms. Often, these listings are close enough to you that you can just drive out and get them.

However, we don’t recommend you buy second-hand beach cart wheel kits. After all, you want to replace your used wheels with new ones. Also, there are quite some scams on these sites. So, if you have to, try to see if there is a professional store selling on these platforms.

Directly From the Manufacturer

Buying directly from your beach cart manufacturer is probably the easiest way to get replacement beach cart wheels and axles. Unless…

  • Your manufacturer does not provide any wheels or axles (it happens a lot!)
  • You have an old cart and the manufacturer is no longer around
  • Your cart is manufactured by a foreign brand

Also, certain parts, such as balloon wheels, are only manufactured outside of America. Therefore, you will have to find a dealer to get a replacement part.

Check Out Our Balloon Wheels and Axles

If you don’t want to waste time looking around, come check out what we have to offer. Of course, our beach cart wheels and axles work with our Ultimate Beach Cart XL, foldable beach cart XL, and our balloon wheel conversion kits. However, they’ll also fit with other standard beach wagons with balloon wheels as well.

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