The Best Beach Cart for Chairs and Loungers

January 27, 2022by Mike Mayleben

One of the beach essentials you never want to run short of is beach chairs. Therefore, you and your family deserve the best beach cart for chairs and loungers.

What makes a wagon suitable for carrying multiple chairs? Check to make sure

  • Chairs are secure and don’t fall off when the cart is pulled
  • The wagon is large enough to hold your biggest lounger
  • The chair holder is sturdy enough to hold up all the chairs you need
  • You still have enough space left for other beach items

Or, skip all that work and choose one of our top picks from below.

Beach Cart with 16in Balloon Wheels Loaded Down
Image Credit Glampin Life

Ultimate Beach Cart XL

Our Ultimate Beach Cart XL is the best wagon for chairs and loungers in the market. With a 200lb capacity and large balloon wheels, the Ultimate Beach Cart XL can hold all your beach essentials.

Unlike many other products, our cart has a rear beach chair holder specifically designed for your folded chairs and loungers. The rack alone holds 6 beach chairs — way more than other wagons out there. And you can add additional chairs or loungers to the other compartments too. 

max double decker cart for chairs and loungers
Image Credit Amazon

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Steel Double Decker

Of course, we know Mac Sports is a trusted brand when it comes to beach wagons. But the double decker design is what truly separated this product from the rest of Max Sports wagons.

As you probably noticed, beach chairs aren’t the easiest thing to fit onto your wagon, even if you only use folding chairs. Well. The lower deck fixed this problem. You can pile up your folding chairs down there, and the bands on the sides will prevent them from wiggling or falling out.

ultra wide wheel buggy
Image Credit Amazon

Super Ultra Wide Wheel Buggy

This foldable wheeler also has a chair rack, and it holds up to 4 beach chairs. Overall, this is a great mid-price-tier beach cart for chairs and loungers. It also comes with a removable tote bag on the side for beach umbrellas.

However, this wheel buggy can only hold up to 77lbs, which is a much smaller weight capcity than most full-sized beach carts. Therefore, we recommend you to use this as a secondary cart just to carry the chairs. When you don’t need it, fold it up and place it on your main cart.

old omaha beach cart for chairs with racks
Image Credit Amazon

Old Omaha Folding Beach Cart

Old Omaha Folding Beach Cart holds up to 100lbs, although the cart itself weighs less than 8lbs. The built-in chair rack can take 3 or 4 chairs in general, and folding camping chairs can go into the main compartment.

Thanks to the many side pouches and the double main compartment, you don’t have to worry about your chair or lounger pushing the rest of the stuff around. This allows you to safely store everything you need for the beach in the right place

timbre ridge
Image Credit Amazon

Timbre Ridge Folding Double Decker

Another double-decker cart, and this time coming from our beloved Timbre Ridge brand. Their lower deck is longer than many other product’s, making it possible to hold bigger loungers instead of just regular chairs. We also really love the mesh net design around the lower deck. Compared to regular bands, the mesh net provides more security and 100% avoids things from falling out on the sides.


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