Best Beach Chairs to Buy in 2022

January 17, 2022by Mike Mayleben

What‘s on your shopping list for 2022? We’ve talked a lot about the best beach cart for soft sand in the last year. So, this year, let’s start with the most comprehensive list of the best beach chairs to buy in 2022.

Keep in mind that these chairs are for adults. If you’re looking for the best beach chairs for kids and toddlers, check out our guide here.

Best Beach Chairs in the Market

Rio-5-Position Lay Flat Beach Chair

RIO Beach 5-Position Lay Flat Beach Chair

Our top pick for the list is the RIO 5-position lay flat beach chair, available right here on our website. RIO is a brand trusted by many American families and is loved for their quality products and affordable prices.

This lay flat beach chair has 5 reclining positions and can be adjusted via the built-in adjustment feature from the wooden armrest. The chair has an aluminum frame, so it will never rust. The lower center makes the chair sturdier even when laid completely flat.


tommy bahama beach chair to buy 2022
Image Credit Amazon

Tommy Bahama 5-Position Folding Backpack Beach Chair

Tommy Bahama is another beloved brand when it comes to all things beach-related, and we’ve said a lot of good things about the Tommy Bahama beach umbrella in our other posts.

Design-wise, it is basically identical to the RIO beach chair listed above. The main difference is the drink pouch on the back of the chair. Also keep in mind this is a backpack lounger, not a full foldable chair.


cascade low position beach chair
Image Credit Amazon

Cascade Mountain Tech Camping Chair

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a compact beach chair, the Cascade Mountain Tech Camping Chair should be your top choice. The strong steel and aluminum frame is rust-free for the most part and holds up to 250lbs. The dimensions fit the requirements of most outdoor music festivals, so if you have beach festival plans in 2022, this chair is a must.

Overall, the mesh fabric is fairly easy to clean even if it gets covered in sand. Also, you can’t really beat a heavy-duty beach chair at this pricing point.


coleman utopia
Image Credit Amazon

Coleman Lightweight Utopia Breeze Beach Chair

If you’re going to the beach, you’ve got to go with style. Therefore, the playful, bright striped design of this Coleman beach chair is exactly what you need.

Of course, this chair has more than just a good look. Personally, we really love the towel pouch on the back of the chair. This protects your regular towel from getting messy because of the sand. Also, the fabric is thick and durable.

However, this chair is designed to be really close to the sand. If you want something taller, you might want to check out a different Coleman product.


brella recliner beach chair best for 2022
Image Credit Amazon

Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair

Looking for a comfortable beach experience? Check out Sport-Brella’s 3-position recliner chair. The full bundle comes with a removable footrest and a UPF 50 umbrella, and everything folds conveniently into a small carrier bag. Also, the stainless steel frame supports up to 250lbs.

Of course, you can always switch to a larger beach umbrella for more shade.


Best Beach Chair for Heavy Person

RIO Beach Big Kahuna Beach Chair

RIO Beach Big Kahuna Beach Chair

If you’re looking for more durable chairs, either with a larger capacity or made with sturdier materials, the Big Kahuna chair would fit you perfectly. The chair holds up to 280lbs and features a rust-free aluminum frame and extra-wide solid hardwood arms.

The chair comes with a zippered pouch with cell phone and drink holders. Also, the polyester fabric ensures a sand-free experience and is really easy to clean if things do get messy.


backpack best beach chair for heavy person
Image Credit Amazon

Backpack Sturdy Steel Beach Chair

This chair supports up to 225 lbs, and can be easily carried around like a backpack. The fabric is waterproof and sand proof, and is made to endure extremely hot weather.

The chair comes with a zippered side pouch. You can put phones, tablets, and other items in there. The aluminum frame and solid hardwood armrest are all designed to hold weight and provide continued comfort.


nice c chair
Image Credit Amazon

Nice C Low Beach Camping Folding Chair

This foldable beach chair is definitely on our buying list. The cushioned surface makes it softer than most other beach chairs in the market, and the sturdy design can hold up to 300lbs! The low seat and anti-sink leg cap designs also add more stability to the chair even in soft sand.

If you’re looking for new beach chairs in 2022 for your family, this chair also comes in a 2-pack on Amazon.


kingcamp lumbar back
Image Credit Amazon

KingCamp Lumbar Back

Soft cushioned seat, durable material, and a weight capacity of 350lbs — all these features surely make KingCamp Lumbar Back one of the best beach chairs to buy in 2022.

The chair comes with a head storage bag and a side pouch, giving you plenty of options to hide your gadgets and gear. When fully folded, it is only 8.7 x38.2. You can easily put it in the umbrella holder on our Ultimate Beach Cart XL, or simply toss it in the main compartment with other beach essentials.


beach chair for 2022 500lb capacity
Image Credit Amazon

500-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Portable Chair

Finally. If you’re looking for the best beach chair for heavy person, check out this 500lb capacity chair. We guarantee you. There isn’t another product in the market that can surpass this weight capacity.

Featuring a 22mm tubed frame and fully padded 600-denier polyester, this chair is designed to hold and last. Unlike many other chairs in the market, this heavy duty portable beach chair actually comes in regular height, which makes it much easier and more comfortable for a plus-size individual.


Best Designer Beach Chairs

errico reclining chair
Image Credit Wayfair

Errico Reclining Beach Chair

Now, if you’re the kind of person who cares about the aesthetics of literally everything, check out this designer chair on Wayfair. The wavy pattern and pastel palette screams a casual, relaxing afternoon at the beach. The 600D oxford fabric used for the surface is firm and comfortable.

We also love the large, scratch-resistant armrests. Forget about those small pads around the tubing that claim to be armrests, and upgrade yourself to a truly outstanding experience with these chairs!

Also, the Errico Reclining Beach Chair comes with backpack straps. It is light and easy to carry, but holds up to an impressive 250lbs.

Rivington 2 pack
Image Credit Wayfair

Rivington Reclining Beach Chair

The classic woven design is where it’s at, don’t you agree? The Rivington Reclining Beach Chair boasts retro picnic vibes with its design. The chair only weighs 7lbs but holds up to 225lbs. It’s made of quality materials, featuring a stainless steel frame with a powder-coating finish and easy-to-clean fabric.

The chairs come in two packs, can be easily folded flat, and requires no additional assembly. They also meet the dimension requirements of most outdoor concerts and festivals.


Best Inflatable Loungers for the Beach

SEGOAL inflatable beach lounger
Image Credit Amazon

SEGOAL Ergonomic Inflatable Lounger

Finally, let’s go the non-traditional route and look at something more fun! Sure. This is not necessarily a beach chair, but it’s still a great addition to your beach gear collection. Why? Because who doesn’t want to lay on a giant inflatable donut by the ocean?

The SEGOAL Ergonomic Inflatable Lounger Beach Bed has a patented design and doesn’t need a pump to inflate. All you need to do is push the safety tab on the buckle to unlatch.


chillbo lounger
Image Credit Chillbo®

Chillbo® Shwaggins

Get your crazy, colorful, comfortable beach lounger from Chillbo®, guys! If the various designs aren't enough to grab your attention, check out the specs of this product. This inflatable beach lounge uses a 100% ripstop shell, making it durable yet incredibly lightweight. There are also pockets to store your essentials.

Once you’re done with the lounger, simply pack it back into the carry bag!


mockings lounger
Image Credit Wayfair

Mockins Inflatable Lounger

Looking for an affordable beach lounger option? Mockins is about the best deal you can get in the market. Their latest 2020 model holds air for much longer than before. Furthermore, you don’t need an air pump to inflate this product — simply leave it open against wind and whisk it through the air!

Like most heavy duty beach chairs, the Mockins Inflatable Lounger holds up to 300lbs. There’s also a 2-pack option on Wayfair if you want to surprise someone in the family with an awesome gift!


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