8 Winter Beach Essentials to Pack for Your Next Trip

January 13, 2022by Mike Mayleben

You know you need to layer up when visiting the beach in the winter. But what should you pack for that trip? The list below will cover all the beach essentials to pack next time you plan a winter beach vacation.

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Beach Chairs

Beach chairs are a necessity to pack for a winter beach trip, and you want to make sure you have a chair for everyone in your family. Because beach chairs for toddlers and kids are often different from adult ones in size and safety functions, so make sure you have what you need.

Personally, we’re a huge fan of Rio beach chairs, especially the backpack lounges. Those are adjustable and come with different weight capacities. The materials are comfortable and durable, and really easy to clean.


Beach Cart XL – Ultimate Beach Cart

Beach Cart with Large Balloon Tires

Of course, you need a beach wagon to carry all your essentials. But why balloon tire ones compared to the regular wagons you can find? That’s because balloon tires use a much lower PSI and create a larger surface area when rolling on the sand. As a result, beach carts with balloon tires, like our Ultimate Beach Cart XL, rarely sink or get stuck on soft sand.

The same goes with slippery snow. If you’re going to the beach during wintertime and want an easy, fun experience, definitely take your balloon tire beach cart with you.


A Cooler Full of Goodies

Don’t think you won’t need a cooler for winter! Coolers are great for glamping trips since they keep food fresh. They also keep the rest of your items safe from squashed food or spilled drink.

You can also use the cooler for storage on your way back home. We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the same things always seem to be harder to get packed on your return trip! Why not stuff whatever didn’t fit into the cooler, then?


beach umbrella - rust free - strong wind
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A Large Beach Umbrella

The temperature might be low, but if you’re visiting the beach during winter, you’d still want a large umbrella to protect you from the UV rays, because they’re just as strong. And, compared to smaller ones, large beach umbrellas with aluminum pole and fiberglass ribs are much sturdier. That means they won’t get blown away by the stronger wind during the offseason.


Skincare & UV Protection

For the same reason, you want to bring sunscreen with you to the beach. Nothing is worse than getting a sunburn during wintertime. Also, since the weather will be harsher on your body, better fill your makeup bag up with quality skincare products too. Moisturizers, day cream, and hand cream are all recommended.


Hats, Gloves, Socks… Bring Extra Pairs!

Layers are one of the most important winter beach essentials you need. Of course, you should always bring extra clothe when you travel to the beach, because you can never prevent things from getting wet. But you especially wouldn't want to have wet clothes on when it’s not as warm outside.

Bringing multiple socks are also a great cold weather glamping hack. Layers of woolen socks can prevent heat from escaping your body, therefore keep you warm if you’re spending the night in a tent.


sand proof beach towel winter beach essential XL

Sandproof, Waterproof Beach Bag

Regular bags won’t do at the beach because you’ll end up with a huge mess to cleanup. Therefore, we recommend you to invest in a sandproof, waterproof beach bag for your essentials.

You might also want to get water-proof cases for your phone if you’re planning on getting into the water. After all, you don’t want to this all those Instagrammable moments!


A Sand-Free Beach Towel

Finally, aside from regular towels some like to bring to wipe off their bodies with, make sure you bring some sand-free beach towels to lay on. Regular towels would get caught with sand and pretty much become useless in the end. They’re also really hard to clean completely.

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