12 Fall Camping Tips For Your Next Adventure

August 21, 2021by Mike Mayleben

With the summer heat blowing over, we know you cannot wait to get outside. Light up the campfire, and bring out those ol' good cast irons. Take your families with you, or go on a self-exploration trip alone in nature. Before you go, though. Read through these essential fall camping tips. We want you to have a fun, warm, safe trip!

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Bring Rain Gear. Always

Nobody likes getting soaked. But fall is notorious for the unpredictable rainy weather. Therefore, you should always bring rain gear, including a waterproof jacket and ponchos, and sometimes a large umbrella. You may also want to set up a kitchen trap to keep your cooking area dry.

Invest in a Good Tent

Fall weather requires a better quality tent, especially one with additional insoles and a rain fly. Even if you're an RV glamper, it's still a good idea to invest in a decent tent. For example, it comes in handy when you step away from your campground and go on a four-day kayaking adventure.

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Test Your Gear

This is especially important if you're an avid, hard-core hiker because most people choose to do the more challenging hikes during cooler months. As a result, some of your gear may be out of shape or even need replacement. In general, gear properly tested and maintained are critical to a fun and safe outdoor experience.

The Temperature Drop Can Catch You Off-Guard

Never underestimate the temperature difference between the hottest hours and nighttime during the fall season. Bring plenty of mid-layers so you can adjust your clothing throughout the day. You'd also want to bring additional thin bottom layers to change out in case it suddenly gets hot and you become sweaty.

Bring Extra Sleeping Pads

Sleeping pads make the ground softer. But did you know they also keep you warm while warding off the moisture and chilliness in the soil? Add additional inlay to your tent to keep yourself warm at night!

Stock Up on Firewood

Firewood can be hard to find during the fall season, especially if it's been raining the past few days. Your wood might look alright but actually be soaked with humidity. Therefore, stock up on dry, store-bought firewood, or whenever you found a good batch in nature. Do not bring firewood from home, most states do not allow this as you can introduce new species to their area of the country.

Mittens Are Better Than Gloves

Gloves are nice and warm, but not the best for flexibility. Meanwhile, mittens allow your fingers to do their job while keeping most of your hands and wrists warm. However, you should bring work gloves if you're planning on doing heavier duty builds throughout your trip.

Waterproof Boots Can be a Gamechanger

Frankly, we think you should always bring waterproof boots regardless of the season. But they're especially useful in the fall season because the soil can be muddy and saggy from previous rain for much longer compared to the hot summer days.

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Wind-Proof Jackets Are a Must

Heat will try to escape your body faster during the fall, and the howling wind could be much stronger than you'd imagined. Also, if you're planning on a long hike to a mountain peak, you will definitely need wind gear. Additionally, if your jacket is insulated, that's even better.

Be Ready For the Bugs

One of the best fall camping tips is you should always be ready for the bugs. Bring bug sprays and anti-itch creams. Bug candles and torches are also great additions to your campsite. Long sleeve jackets could also come in handy for protecting yourself from the treacherous bugs!

Don't Underestimate the Sun

The temperature is not everything. The autumn sun can be deceptive and you don't realize how harsh it is until your skin begins to burn and flare up. Bring plenty of moisturizers and sunscreen for that purpose. If you're sensitive or have allergies, be sure to pack up on lotion and meds also.

Use Hot Water Bottles

Tuck a hot water bottle in your sleep bag for extra warmth, especially around your feet. This is a great tip for girls who tend to have worse circulation.




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