12 Funniest Camping Photos of All Time

August 19, 2021by Mike Mayleben

Camping is not all about being glamorous and taking pretty photos. Behind the scene from becoming one with nature are often a ton of laughs and embarrassing incidents. Here are 12 of the funniest camping photos of all time (in our opinion) for a good laugh.

No Camping? Nah

Pictures like this always make us wonder who was the pioneer. To be honest, this was probably a group event. But the fact the entire campground seems to have decided this to be their campsite with a no camping sign right there is still quite hilarious.

Design Went ... Wrong?

Well. Actually, that's probably the purpose of this design. But... let's at least hope they took the food off to eat them. To be honest, though, we like wonky camping gears like this. We're outdoors in nature. Have fun!

Family Favorite

Actually, the owner of this vehicle might as well be the favorite person of the campsite. The creativity though! Can you imagine what they can do if given a full RV to convert?


Unless you're a Disney princess, then it's "Hi bear." Otherwise... let's take a photo and run! However, you have to admit this bear's got some decent manner. Look at the way it was sitting!

Double Decker

Like Why... Like How?

Maybe camper conversion essentially is just an adult lego game? But we definitely do not endorse this type of camping setup! Nonetheless, it would be quite a scene to see on the road and at least they seem to have proper anchoring for each component.

funny camping photos

A True Gentleman

This one's not necessarily hilarious, but quite cool. The creativity and love that went into this bike conversion is obvious. And I'm sure every girl has dreamed of an experience like this at least once in their life. Yes, she's a lucky one. But for sure they're also taking turns on the bike — what a beautiful partnership, right?

Special Delivery

Burn Those Mail!

Someone learned their physics right, and a metal mailbox is indeed, technically, perfect as a quick stove. But what are those pieces in the fire... pretty sure they're burning some mail with the rest of the stuff! And we sure hope this is their mailbox, not their neighbor's!

Remote Office

Work From Anywhere

The workaholic blood runs deep in human history, that's for sure. But seriously, look at this setup! That's some real dedication. We bet you 5 bucks that this person has a sales role!

funny camping and hiking photos

Scary Human Beings

Honestly. Who the heck molest a gator? That's just a whole new level of wrong. But we love the "mistaking a hand for a handout" statement. It's humorous and right on point. Yet the gator is probably more horrified, wondering: what's wrong with these creatures?

funny camping photos


Not sure if this is one of the funniest camping photos or one of the saddest. But now we know that visual images can indeed cause the brain to trigger physical pain. Seriously though, what on earth did this guy go through? Did he fall across a cactus hill?

Special Guest

Unexpected Visitor

There are Nara deers. Then, there are... wild horses. This camping trip probably didn't end up so well! We hope nobody was stomped over and frankly wonder what was in the tent that attracted this unexpected guest!

Look Mom, There're People in the Trees!

There are just too many questions for this photo, like how did they get all the hammocks up there? Why did they even do this? The thought of sleeping like that (and facing down) is terrifying. The thought of seeing something like that in the middle of the night is just equally bad!

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