Top 7 Beach Glamping Spots on the East Coast (2021 Ranking)

August 17, 2021by Mike Mayleben

We talk about the west coast too often, but did you know the east coast is just equally beautiful? More people are discovering the charm of beach glamping in the northeastern portion of the States, with access to a wide range of tents, cabins, resorts, and campgrounds. That's why we wanted to throw together a list of the top beach glamping spots on the east coast, especially for our RV glamping lovers.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor is probably one of the best-known vacation destinations as it is the gateway to the wonderful Acadia National Park. However, did you know that Bar Harbor alone is a perfect beach glamping spot also? Here, you will find an endless coastline of rocky beaches, with sharp cliffs overseeing the entire area. In the meantime, you still get the breathtaking view of forests, mountain vistas, and glacier-formed lakes.

Moosehead Lake, Maine

The most famous thing about Moosehead Lake is a 3:1 moose-to-human ratio. Here, we are outnumbered!

Jokes aside. If you're looking for a beach glamping spot on the East Coast that's less crowded and would guarantee you privacy and tranquility, Moosehead Lake would be perfect for you. Here, you have the option to hike through the forest or drift across the water. This is also a perfect place for a family getaway as the biodiversity will keep people of all age groups entertained.

gillet castle glamping spots on the east coast

Gillette Castle State Park, Connecticut

The Gillette Castle State Park is another brilliant family glamping destination. It is close enough to modern civilization. With a handful of unique eateries, hotels, and attractions, you can easily turn an outdoor getaway into a luxury resort experience. Meanwhile, they provide rough and smooth campgrounds for RV glamping and other types of campers. And make sure you visit Lighthouse Point Park!


Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina

Personally, we think Huntington Beach State Park is one of the most gorgeous glamping spots on the East Coast. The geographical and biological diversity here always makes us realize how insignificant we are compared to the magnificent nature.

Huntington Beach is peaceful and poetic. You can go on a long bike ride into the sunset, or explore the rocky shorelines. The possibilities are endless!


Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware

Cape Henlopen is full of fun, from historic sites to education center. But of course, we are here for the water, rocks, and beach trail. Overall, there is a beach specifically designated for swimmers. The rest of the area is open for kayaking and paddling, plus a fishing pier. The campground has 2-point hookups and 100-amp service. There are plenty of cabins, but also plenty of ground for campers and RVs.


Boston Harbor Islands, Massachusetts

Minutes away from downtown Boston, the Boston Harbor Islands have always been a beloved site on the East Coast. Each island has a unique vibe. Some focus on chilling on a smooth beachside, others may feature education center and various trails. Therefore, if you're looking for a site for your next family vacation, try Boston Harbor Islands!

Anastasia beach

Anastasia State Park, Florida

White sand, blue sky... Anastasia State Park is a fairytale comes true. Featuring over 1600 acres of unspoiled beaches, tidal marshes, ancient dunes, and hammocks, Anastasia State Park looks like a scene from The Little Mermaid. You can canoe or kayak down the water to explore the wildlife along the beach, or choose to hike the nature trail. While the beach itself is preserved, the park has a campsite that's only a stroll away.




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