Things to Know About Off-Season Camping on the East Coast

January 20, 2022by Mike Mayleben

We talked so much about winter camping, aren’t you excited? While the snow can be treacherous, it’s true that off-season camping has its unique charm, especially on the beautiful, frozen shoreline. However, there are some things to know about off-season camping on the East Coast before you head out for your adventure. 

These tips will keep you safe, warm, and happy throughout the trip, so give them a read!

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Stay in Contact With Your Friends

Frist thing first, winter camping, even if it’s just a five-day hiking exploration, could be riskier than your regular camping experience. Therefore, it is best to stay in contact with your friends regularly, especially if you’re still new to outdoor activities.

We also recommend you to write down the numbers of your emergency contacts, as well as campsite contact information somewhere safe as a backup, instead of relying 100% on your phone.

Avoid Winter Injuries

Winter injuries happen more often than you think when people participate in off-season camping on the East Coast. This could vary from minor cold blisters, frostbites, to severe injuries that might immobilize you or cause permanent damages.

To avoid winter injuries, proper footwear is the most important thing of all. Also, watch your movements and steps. It’s best to take things slow in winter and check your conditions regularly. If you can, bring a thermostat and fill it up with a warm beverage so you have an additional heat source to lean upon.

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4 Season Campgrounds on the East Coast

Good for y’all winter campers, there are quite a few all-season campgrounds on the East Coast that will make an easy, fun off-season camping trip.

Some of the best are:

  • Apple Hill Campground in New Hampshire
  • Crown Point Camper Area in Vermont
  • Assateague Island State Park in Maryland
  • Ocean Lakes Family Campground in South Carolina

You’ll find more information easily online, but if you want to find cool, secret, or even private campsites, keep reading!

Where to Find Secret Campsites

You know those Instagrammers who seem to somehow find the coolest shot from the same state park or forest reserve where millions of others are camping? Or beautiful spots from areas you thought you knew but somehow never been to?

Well, here are some tips on finding these secret “campsites.”

You can utilize amazing private camping websites and apps, such as Hipcamp, The Dyrt, or explore the limitless possibilities brought to you by dispersed camping!

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Keep Your RV Checked

If you’re planning on off-season camping on the East Coast in your RV, then make sure you’re staying on top of winter maintenance routines. The last thing you want is to drive your family with an RV overdue for an inspection or tune-up.

Pack for Cold Weather

Fianlly, make sure you pack for the cold. Use specialty tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads designed for winter, and bring whatever you need to keep warmth inside you and your tent. You should also check out our guide on winter beach essentials to get the most out of off-season camping on the East Coast.




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