Where to Camp in the Winter in the US

January 5, 2022by Mike Mayleben

Who says winter is not for camping? There are plenty of awesome places across the nation where the winter weather has mercy on us road warriors! Check out the best places to camp in the winter in the U.S., and plan your first trip of the new year now!

Image Credit Texas Parks Wildlife

Lake Corpus Christi State Park, Texas

Looking for somewhere that stays above 60s throughout winter? Check out Lake Corpus Christi State Park in Texas! Venture through a diverse landscape combination of woodlands, wetlands, and brushes, and spend time observing the various bird species residing in the area.

Lake Corpus Christi State Park has over 120 campsites and cabins and is one of our all-time favorites for a road trip in winter.

camp in the winter in the US dry tortugas
Image Credit National Park Service

Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

Florida alone should convince you to take a winter trip, but Dry Tortugas has so much more than just beautiful weather to offer.

For history lovers, Dry Tortugas National Park brings you the famous Fort Jefferson, the largest brick masonry structure in the Americas. This beautiful unfinished structure will take you back through time and wow you with its architectural genius.

Meanwhile, beach glampers would find the secluded, clear beaches at Dry Tortugas National Park unforgettable. Have fun paddling around, or enjoy some snorkeling.

death valley camp in the winter
Image Credit National Park Service

Death Valley National Park, California

Known as the “hottest, driest, lowest” national park, Death Valley offers over 3 million acres of wilderness for you to explore. Yes, you read that right, 3 million acres!

During warmer seasons, Death Valley could hit 130 degrees or above. But when it gets cold, it is one of the best places to camp in the winter in the U.S without a doubt.

However, pay attention to adjacent road closures during extreme winter weather. While the temperature may be beautiful, the road conditions could get a bit challenging.

valley of fire winter camp
Image Credit Travel Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Transform into dreamland with 40,000 acres of flaming sandstone formations. Valley of Fire State Park lives up to its name for its red and orange terrain and its temperature that stays around 40 degrees during the coldest season.

If you live somewhere that snows a ton, then Valley of Fire is for sure a great spot to camp in the winter. 

fontainebleau campground
Image Credit lastateparkscom

Fontainebleau State Park, Louisiana

There is plenty to do at Fountainebleau State Park, like biking, hiking, and boating. The warm weather and the smooth, soft sandy beach make the perfect getaway from bitter winter weather.

However, due to Hurricane Ida, the cabins at their campsite are closed until further notice. But that’s all the more reason why you should go support the park if you can.

Image Credit Navajo Parks Recreations

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona

Monument Valley is known for its pinnacle rock formations. These sandstone masterpieces can build up to as tall as 1,000 feet. However, it’s also one of the best places to camp in the winter in the US, thanks to Arizona’s state-wide warm climate.

Due to the pandemic, there is a 50% occupancy limit for all trails and campgrounds. So make sure you plan your trip ahead and make your reservation early.


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