Top 8 Outdoor Drink Holders for Your Next Glamping Trip

January 29, 2022by Mike Mayleben

Who doesn’t need a drink when you’re out at the beach? If you’re bringing a beach cart cooler, better not forget to bring some outdoor drink holders as well. After all, you don’t want to leave your cup in the sand and hope they don’t get blown over or worse, turn the drink into sandy muddy mixtures.

jizome 3 pack
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Jiozemi 3pc Drink Cup Holder Clip

We love Jiozemei for party use. These 3pc clip-on cup holders are affordable and easy to use. They are perfect for holding mugs, small-size tumblers, wine tumblers, and single-use cups. They can hold up to 25oz and the clip opens up to 1.6”.

accmor 360 cup holder
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Accmor Universal Cup Holder

This 360-degree rotation clip-on holder is a great heavy-duty drink holder! They’re intended for strollers but can clip onto your beach chairs or even beach umbrellas just fine. The bottle cage has 3 automatic springs, which keep the grip firm.

RoboCup Dual Cup Holder and 2 Plus Attachments

RoboCup Cup Holder + Plus

Our RoboCup Dual Holder is one of our goto outdoor drink holders. The patented design features rubberized clamps and rust-proof stainless steel springs and hardware with a robust utilitarian design. The RoboCup Cup Holder is made from poly-resin material with UV-inhibitors, making it weather resistant.

With the Plus Package, you can hold up to four drinks or whatever fits!

kemimoto outdoor cup holder
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Kemimoto Universal Beach Umbrella Cup Holder

This cup holder fits on most boat rail, umbrella poles, and handlebars of your beach cart and beach chairs. They hold on tight and will keep your drink safe even on windy days. Made of flexible PP plastic material, the powerful two rubberized clamps have a powerful grip once mounted.

anti spill outdoor cup holder
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Anit-Spill Cup Holster

This cup holster is perfect for camping, picnic tables, or any flat surfaces. It works with cold and hot drinks, the polyethylene screw caps won't leave any scratches, and the design works perfectly with larger tumblers.

This is also one of the most affordable outdoor drink holders you can find that doesn’t sacrifice quality

tonahutu drink stakes
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Tonahutu Drink Holder Stakes

These cute, playful drink holder stakes are designed for the beach and stay up in soft sand! They’re 32” tall and can safely hold cups, tumblers, and even a bottle of wine. Made with heavy-duty 1/4inch steel with a powder-coated surface, these stakes are weather-proof and rust-resistant.

docktail outdoor cup holder drink table
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Docktail Bar Cup Holders Table

Drink holders are overrated. Clip-on, portable bar tables are the real deal! If you truly want a one-and-only experience next time you go to the beach with your loved one, check out the Docktail Bar. The design makes it easy to fit on any rails, for example, the rack on your Ultimate Beach Cart XL!

scorecaddy cup holders
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GoSports ScoreCaddy

The best part about this drink holder is the scoreboard. The scoreboard works for Cornhole, Ladder Toss, Horseshoes, Washer Toss, and really any sport between two teams. Each table comes with two cup holders and a notch to hold a wine glass.


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