9 Beach Camping Essentials For An Overnight Trip

March 10, 2022by Mike Mayleben

We know your outdoor soul is flustering. But do you still have everything you need after the long winter for an overnight adventure? It’s always smart to check your beach camping essentials and make upgrades and fill-ups. After all, nothing is worse than driving around and buying things when you’re already at the beach!

Oh, btw… Just in case you want to go fancier, check out our favorite beach camping accessories!

large beach cart with balloon wheels

A Balloon Wheel Beach Cart

Your wagon is your best friend unless you plan on carrying everything by hand. But why would you? For this year, we recommend a beach cart with large balloon wheels since they work the best with soft sand. Make sure your wagon has a large enough capacity since you probably have more things with you for an overnight trip.

A Solid Tent

A good tent is at least half of a successful overnight camping trip. So this is where you should really invest. A good beach tent should be wind-proof, waterproof, and steadily anchored. Check for the ones with optional sand screws since they tend to stay better on the beach. And of course, make sure you know where to camp on the beach. (Don’t get washed away!)

Tarp and Ground Mats

Sand. Sand everywhere. If you’re planning on spending the night at the beach, then make sure you have plenty of tarps and ground mats for maximized comfort. Tarps are great to deal with moistures from above, around, and below. Meanwhile, the sand may be soft, but the ground mats are softer and bouncier, ya know?

overnight at beach
Image Credit Unsplash

Sleeping Bags, and/or Air Mattresses

Sleep bags, especially padded ones are beach camping essentials. It might be nice and toasty during the day, but temperatures can drop quickly at night next to a large body of water. Air Mattress would of course make things more comfortable, but make sure you bring extra blankets to keep you warm.

Umbrellas and Canopies

Large beach umbrellas or beach canopies would provide you with all the shades you need. Canopies are great if you want to keep your luggage as minimum as possible since they are usually just made of fabric, ropes, and anchors. But an umbrella is probably more comfortable since you can chill on a lounger under it.

Backpack Beach Chairs

You’re probably bringing foldable beach chairs already. But if this is more than just a few hours at the beach, you need to think further. Are you straying away from your campsite? Do you intend on exploring less-trafficked areas? Then, a backpack beach chair should be on your list because now you will have a resting spot where ever you go.

beach camping essential for overnight tents
Image Credit Unsplash

Wet Bags and Phone Protectors

Wet bags are a must even if you’re not planning on staying in the water for too long. You never know what might happen, so why not be safe? Especially when it comes to your phone. Wet bags are also great to carry makeup. We know those cost money.


A powerful flashlight could be a lifesaver. It’s also way smarter to have an actual weather-proof flashlight than draining your phone batteries for some nighttime visibility. 

Wind-Proof Lighter

Don’t underestimate the wind’s power! Trust us, your regular lighter isn’t going to hold. Invest in a solid wind-proof lighter so you don’t find yourself trapped fireless. 



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