Top 6 RV Lifestyle YouTube Channels to Follow

March 13, 2022by J. Mayleben

It’s fun to be RV-ing ourselves, but it’s just as much fun to watch someone else’s adventures! Do you need inspiration? Check out our 6 favorite RV lifestyle YouTube channels. From tips & tricks to real full-time RV life stories, these channels have it all!

ym-rv youtube channel
Image Credit You Me the RV

You, Me & the RV

Here, you’ll see the unfiltered life on the road of Phil and Stacy. If you love reality shows with some sharp sarcasm and dark humor, this channel is what you need. Phil and Stacy have such charming personalities that they always find a way to lift the mood even things go wrong. You’ll also find plenty of helpful hacks that will help you live a smarter RV life!

rvl cover
Image Credit RV Lifestyle

RV Lifestyle

This is probably one of the highest-quality RV lifestyle YouTube channels you can find. After all, it is run by real journalists! So, expect more than just travel stories from this channel, because they’ll even visit RV expos and give you professional news coverage you only see on TV! You can also email them with suggestions on where they should go next!

lofti full time rv lifestyle youtube
Image Credit Lofti Party of Six

Loftis Party of Six

Want to see how a large family can have the time of their lives in the RV? Check out Loftis Party of Six! They have certainly mastered the RV family life. Plus, all their videos are both fun and informative. So, if you wonder how you can give your kids an unforgettable childhood, follow Loftis on YouTube!

Image Credit Five2Go


You’ve probably guessed it from the channel name. This is another large-family RV channel, exploring the world full time and living many people’s dream life. Their adventure has developed from a travel trailer to a Class A Motorhome. Therefore, they definitely have a lot of golden advice to share.

The cool thing about this channel is, besides the usual travel story and RV gear recommendation, you’ll also find a ton of parenting content. So if you’re a mom or dad RVing with the kiddos, this channel might be what you’ve been looking for!

getaway couple rv
Image Credit Getaway Couple

Getaway Couple

A life on the road speaks of romance, doesn’t it? In recent years, we see so many younger couples jumping into the full-time RV life, and many of them are doing a pretty good job!

Behind Getaway Couple is Rae, Jason, and their fur baby Carmen. They travel in a Grand Design fifth wheel. In this channel, you’ll find lots of down-to-the-earth tips and tricks, fun and insightful travel guides, but also friendly chats that are really just about whatever their subscribers want to talk about.

grateful glamper rv lifestyle youtube with dog
Image Credit Grateful Glamper

Grateful Glamper

Grateful Glamper is made of a couple and their two kids. The story is nothing new: the adults didn’t want to settle for a 9-5 life so they decided to take a leap — with the little ones! Right now, they’re traveling full time in a Class A RV Diesel Pusher. 

New videos are uploaded every Sunday and topics range from parenting, RV life, travel guides, and hacks & tips. Just by watching the videos, you can tell this family is truly, gratefully living their life.




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