How to Live In an RV Full Time

February 26, 2022by Mike Mayleben

No matter how tempting living in an RV full time sounds, the reality is often far more challenging. If this really is something you’d like to explore, then, keep reading. This guide doesn’t cover the technical details of going into the RV lifestyle, but it will set you in the right direction.

Get Your Finances Straight

Understand your finances because ideally, you probably don’t want to be living in an RV full time just so you can bartend at a new pub everywhere you go. Therefore, understanding your financial capability is the first step to full time RVing. Is now even the right time to buy an RV?!

Research. Lots of Research

There are tons of RV living resources out there, so do your research. Learn about the differences between different RV classes, insurance costs, repair, and maintenance. Don’t shy away from asking questions. It’s better to ask now than get stuck on the road a year later.

RV full time parked by a lake
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Start With Part-Time RV Living

Rome wasn’t built overnight. You don’t have to live in your RV full time just because it seems to be the cool thing to do. Ease yourself into the traveling lifestyle by starting off part time then slowly transitioning over.

Break Your Rose-Colored Glasses

Yes, Instagram photos look awesome, but that’s just social media. False expectations will crush you at the first sight of hardship, and full time RV living is never short of challenges. Therefore, establish a realistic understanding of what to expect when you live outta your RV. You’re more likely to have a good time that way.

Get Fit and Get Strong

Travelling is physically challenging. Imagine someone only hiked in the neighborhood paved trail going into the Grand Canyon. Doesn’t make sense, right? Don’t be that person. Work out, eat healthy, adjust your lifestyle, and prep yourself for the road.

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Make a Plan: For How Long?

We assume you’re not planning on RVing till your last day on earth. Therefore, make a plan on how long you want to be doing this. Start with a year or two even you have a bigger dream, because that will allow you to reflect and re-evaluate at the end of each interval.

Always Have a Backup

RV living comes with a lot of uncertainties. Therefore, you should always have a backup plan. What if you become sick? Where is your nearest relative who’d allow you to stay? What if you lose your RV and everything you own in an accident? Do you have emergency savings to get you back on your feet?

rv full time
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Build a Support Network

A support network is critical to anyone wanting to live in an RV full time. Whether it’s friends, families, or other glampers, having people who support your vision and speak your language is always a good thing. RV life is supposed to be fun. We don’t want you to ever feel isolated.

Remember: Only Go Full Time If It Works For You

Finally, remember you’re not doing this to impress anyone. So, only go full time RVing if you believe it will work for you. Otherwise, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy a glamping lifestyle.


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