5 Short Bus Conversion Resources You should Have

December 3, 2021by Mike Mayleben

Instagram is great for looking for RV or Skoolie interior inspirations. But when it comes to hardcore conversion, you may need more resources to safeguard your project. Therefore, we’ve gathered 5 of the best short bus conversion resources you could use.

While these are tailored toward skoolie conversions, many tips and strategies are also adaptable to RV projects. So, have fun exploring!

Skoolie.net Forum

We all know that communities are critical for those just starting out in the conversion journey. Among the many online forums and Reddit boards you can find, the forum on Skoolie.net is definitely the most helpful and professional one.

This forum has a fantastic structure, where you will find a sub-board for almost every question you may have. The subtopics vary from specialty boards such as plumbing and electric circuits challenges to general discussion boards.


Rolling Vistas Youtube Channel

Youtube channels are a great way to learn since they’re basically online courses. You’ll find plenty of short bus conversion resources on Youtube, but personally, Rolling Vistas is definitely our favorite.

This channel is well structured and covers everything from bus conversion to van and RV projects. Also, the host runs this channel in Episode format, and their content maintains a great balance of lifestyle, photography, and technical information.


Skoolie Planet Facebook Group

If you can only choose one group to join, join Skoolie Planet. With almost 60k members, this is one of the most vibrant and active skoolie groups on FB, for sure.

Also, since this group is for those looking into conversion and conversion veterans both, you don’t have to worry about not finding a supportive newbie group. Nobody would make fun of your silly questions or beginner’s mistakes.

There are also plenty of people following each other on their adventures. So, here’s another reason to join if you’re considering starting a social channel alongside your skoolie project — you can build a super supportive initial fanbase here.


school bus conversion resources
Image Credit Bus Life Adventure


Skoolieeverything.com is our go-to website for all things Skoolie. Not only is the site alone a wealth of information, it also has a dedicated resource tab. The resource tab covers everything from RV to school buses, including what kind of license requirements for each state.

You can tell whoever put this site together really cared about their readers. We are used to looking for short bus conversion resources online, but we’ve never come across another site that is more comprehensive and professionally structured than this one.


Bus Life Adventure Blog

Let’s admit it. 8 out of 10 blogs nowadays are not written to actually offer help. Some of the content makes you wonder if the publishers ever read the articles themselves, or if they’ve spent a single day on the road in a bus or RV.

Thankfully, Bus Life Adventure is nothing like that. This blog is full of conversion hacks, important things to check, and heartfelt interviews with people who took the leap and chose the bus life they’ve always wanted.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash.com




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