8 RV Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration

November 29, 2021by J. Mayleben

What’s the best place to look for visual inspiration? Instagram! If you care about the interior, aesthetics, as well as functionality of your RV, then, you need to follow these RV Instagram accounts — some of them will even give you sweet deals on gadgets and gear!


Image Credit gorving on website


GORVing is probably the most official RV account on Instagram. Like what their description says, this account is about everything an RV lifestyle could be: adventures, memories, and wonders.

This account also has plenty of resources showing you how to level up your RV life. Their reels are gold!



RV photographer
Image Credit peterholcombe on Instagram


This is definitely more of a lifestyle account than a conversion account. However, Peter’s work is breathtaking and it is definitely worth following him, especially when you need something pretty to keep you going for that RV dream.

He’ll show you how there is nothing impossible with RVing. He also posts kayaking content, which is a huge plus for y’all water lovers!



rv instagram wwknd
Image Credit wanderingwknds on Instagram

Wandering Weekends

If you have always wanted to be a corporate road warrior, wandering weekends is the account that will keep telling you all your dreams are possible.

A couple with 2 kids, this family has driven all over the States using the weekends, experiencing everything from pumpkin patches to hammocking on the waterside watching the sunset.

They also have a Youtube channel explaining what they do with their RV.



Image Credit rvlovetravel on Instagram


This account is run by a couple, Marc and Julie and they’ve been traveling in their RV since 2014, hitting all 50 states. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy seeing a cute couple traveling with their dog in their RV on Instagram?



lovethatrv ig
Image Credit lovethatrv on Instagram


This is one of the best RV Instagram accounts if you’re looking for interior design inspiration. This account is all about RV renovation aesthetics and has everything from natural wood decor to modern, minimalistic palettes.

Even if you don’t own an RV yet, looking at these pictures will probably get you more motivated to get one.



rv instagram accounts emily+corey
Image Credit wheresmyofficenow on Instagram


This used to be a couple's collaborative account as well, until the two separated. You’ll see not only the pretty side of vanlife but also how it creates friction in a relationship and could end things too. But don’t worry, Emily is now happily living with her new partner and is expecting a baby!

So, if you’re looking for an account that will show you the blood and flesh of living in a van or an RV, you need to follow @wheresmyofficenow.

PS: Emily and the previous co-owner of the account, Corey also each have their separate accounts for their latest skoolie conversion project.



Image Credit revampingcamping on Instagram


Husband & Wife Design Team - RV renovation near Nashville, TN


Image Credit ourlivelytribervrenovations on Instagram


Hubs & wife renovating RVs since 2016 - Rebuilding RVs to be practical & livable.



Featured Image Credit: @skyriverrv on Instagram




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