10 Best School Bus Conversion Ideas for Inspiration

October 16, 2021by Mike Mayleben

We know you can’t wait to try those beginner skoolie plans we’ve shared. But looking at a floor plan is so abstract. So, where could you find visual inspirations for your project? Well. We think the 10 best school bus conversion ideas below will be a good start..

best school bus conversion ideas apt 84
Image Credit Apt 84

Apt 84 Tiny Home

Apt 84 is most likely still the most impressive school bus to tiny home conversion project you can find on the Internet. From the floorplan to the interior style, there are so many amazing things about Apt 84 that made it one of the best school bus conversion ideas for whoever is looking for inspiration.



Image Credit schoolbusliving on IG

Henry and Emma’s School Bus Living

We’ve been following Henry and Emma’s journey for a while on Instagram. And we must say, we love their conversion, design mindset, and lifestyle. We chose to use their innovative “home office” setup today because we think that solved a huge concern many of us worry about — how to balance work and travel life.



doghouse skoolie inspo
Image Credit Paved Pines

The Doghouse by Paved Pines

There are so many reasons to love the Doghouse, from the refreshing color palette to the adorable custom-made furniture, such as the trunk stool in the picture above. But the main reason to follow them is how generously Paved Pines share their conversion process with its followers so you can do it too.



Image Credit Expedition Happiness

School Bus Tiny Home by Expedition Happiness

More than one of the best school bus conversion ideas to always come back to, Expedition Happiness is also your guide to how to live the full-time traveler’s lifestyle right. Their account is full of fun, love, and creativity. Highly recommended!



Image Credit Rusty Travels

School Bus by Rusty Travels

Rusty Travels is a great account to follow for inspiration. The main reason is that they don’t shy away from sharing the not pretty pictures. You’ll find plenty of video clips on their Instagram that shows you the real hard work behind the scenes.



kiddo school bus inspo
Image Credit hanzian bus on IG

Hanzian Bus

You don’t find many school bus tiny homes made for a couple with a baby, since many would consider it challenging to travel with a toddler or a newborn. But Ian and Hannah have made it possible and inspiring. Head to their account to see how their parent life and traveler’s life mesh together.



Image Credit happyhomebodies on IG

Dog-Friendly Conversion by Francesca & Nicolas

Traveling with our loved ones and fur babies would be a dream come true. That’s why Francesca and Nicolas are on our list of best school bus conversion ideas. Not only are they traveling with dogs — they’re traveling with 3 large dogs! How do they do it?



evergreen Best School Bus Conversion Ideas
Image Credit Evergreen Bus

Evergreen Bus

You’ll find a full step-by-step conversion guide that documents everything from school bus to tiny home on their website. Additionally, Evergreen Bus is everything you need for inspo, whether it be travel destinations or small projects to add to your bus.



bus interior
Image Credit wetravelbybbus

School Bus Conversion by Kai Branss

A photographer by trade, Kai’s account is an equal split of artistic pleasure and conversion inspiration. Seeing Kai living in his bus makes you realize that’s what a school bus lifestyle should be — that’s what life should be.



Image Credit homesweetschoolbus

Home Sweet School Bus

Looking for inspiration and peer support throughout the messy conversion process? Check out Home Sweet School Bus. A couple and two dogs, this account doesn’t show you the IG influencer fanciness. We love their down-to-the earth content as they walk everyone through their conversion project in progress.

Featured Image Credit: Apt 84


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