How to Get School Bus Conversion Insurance

October 12, 2021by Mike Mayleben

When getting a car, the first thing we look into would be insurance costs. The same goes for renting or buying a house. Yet surprisingly, many people have no idea where to even begin with finding school bus conversion insurance coverages.

That is no surprise. Bus conversion is a relatively new trend, and conversion bus coverage is more complicated compared to covering a boat or a camper trailer.

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How Much Does a Skoolie Insurance Cost

A common misunderstanding is about the actual cost of your skoolie insurance. In general, a school bus conversion insurance ranges between $80-$170 per month on average, similar to most people’s car insurance.

Of course, certain factors will affect the final cost, such as,

  • Type of coverage
  • Your state
  • Bus condition
  • Driving history
  • Bus size

Talk to an insurance agent to get an accurate quote based on your specific circumstances.

Types of Skoolie Insurance

In general, there are two popular ways to insure your new school bus home, commercial vehicle insurance or specialty skoolie insurance. In some cases, you may also use renter’s insurance for your school bus if it’s considered your residence. 

Option 1: Commercial Vehicle Insurance for Personal Use

This is usually the more affordable option for those who have converted their school bus into a tiny home, but still want to drive it around like a regular bus. Commercial vehicle insurance for personal use would allow you to do that.

The commercial insurance approach may also be more affordable. Additionally, make sure you cover your initial ride with the policy so you can legally drive the bus home after purchase.

Option 2: School Bus Conversion Insurance

A second option is a skoolie insurance, also known as specialty bus insurance. These are policies specifically created for certain classic or modified vehicles and will provide you the maximum protection covering your fully-converted skoolie.

However, not all insurance providers have specialty bus insurance. Therefore, you might need to do some research to find the best policy.

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How to Qualify for a School Bus Conversion Insurance

Regardless of which route you choose, there are certain steps you must take to qualify for skoolie insurance.

First of all, read up on your state’s regulations and make sure your conversion meets all requirements. This includes any necessary repairing, as the insurance agent will most likely walk through your skoolie for a safety inspection. Think of an appraiser going through a house — it’s basically the same concept.

Next, make sure you have all your paperwork together. This could mean your bus title, VIN, bill of sale, and specifically proof that you’re not using the vehicle as an actual school bus.

Easier than You Thought

See, isn’t this simple?

Here’s the thing. When you lack the knowledge of something, you tend to think it is impossible to get that task done. But once you do some research, you’ll realize it’s almost as simple as insuring your rental home or your car.

So, good luck with your conversion project, and have a safe drive!


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