5 Beginner Skoolie Floor Plans

October 4, 2021by Mike Mayleben

School bus conversion has gained so much popularity lately with the nomad lifestyle picking up among people of all ages. But it’s one thing to look at cute Instagram photos, another to actually get hands-on-deck for a conversion project, especially if you don’t have any construction background. That’s why we picked five beginner skoolie floor plans for your reference.

Pay attention to the details, such as how each “room” is arranged and how the electrics are run. Also, we ordered these floor plans from low to high based on difficulties.

Featured Image Credit: The Boogie Bus


Image Credit: The Tiny Life

Short Bus Conversion with Full Kitchen

If you’re new to the conversion game, starting with a short bus is a good way to get comfortable with everything. Like they always say, you gotta learn to walk before you can run. Therefore, a short bus project is perfect for beginners.

The floor plan we chose comes with a full kitchen at the cost of almost completely sacrificing the bathroom concept. This design uses a simple plumbing and electric structure, provides you with plenty of storage spaces while paying attention to comfort and lifestyle.




Image Credit: Skoolie.net

Two-Bedroom Family Bus Plan.

This is perfect for a family with an older child as the two-bedroom plan guarantees both sides some privacy. Some additional walls are built for efficient separation, with a full-size bathroom and kitchen cunningly tucked into the space like a Tetrix game.

And keep in mind - the spaces underneath your bed could easily serve as additional storage spaces.





Image Credit: Skoolie.com

Opposing Bathroom and Kitchen Tiny Home Bus Layout

As you can tell, this is one of the more extensive skoolie floor plans. With HVAC control, an entertainment room, a full-size kitchen, and a bathroom, basically, this plan serves as a tiny home for two people.

Also, we really like the idea of a foldable table that can be lowered and turned into an additional bed. And since it’s right across the entertainment center, we can totally picture a fun game night in the bus cuddled up on the “table.”




open gallery

Image Credit: Skoolie.net

Simple Open Gallery Design with Multifunctional Separator

Many school bus owners opt for an open gallery design because it builds the interior out of the existing spatial structure. This spares you from having to build walls and re-segment the space.

However, you will need to get creative with your furniture and might need a few custom-made pieces so everything fits well together. For example, the wardrobe door in this floor plan cleverly serves as a separator wall between the living and sleeping quarters.




double decker plan

Double-Decker Bus Tiny Home Design

Don’t let the floor-plan scare you. This plan is actually very beginner-friendly. A double-decker is best for those wanting more of a tiny home set up with plenty of space to walk around.

For example, this plan is clearly designed for a large family with multiple children. We also like how the sleeping area is grouped together on the second floor. This way, you have access to your essentials like kitchen and bathroom while driving and can enjoy a sound night upstairs.




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