6 Simple Short Bus Conversion Ideas to Try

September 15, 2021by Mike Mayleben

Are you ready to start your crazy adventure with RV conversions? Then, a great way to get started would be looking into short bus conversion projects. These buses are friendlier to those on a tight budget yet are just equally full of potential as any other camper vehicle conversion would be.

What is a Short Bus Camper

So, what can be considered a short bus camper?

Basically, a short bus can mean anything that is not a full-size bus. But among glampers, the most popular short bus is indeed school buses, also known as Skoolies. 

Skoolies are usually about 20ft long and have five to six windows, which provides plenty of natural light for the interior. You’ll have plenty of headroom to stand up, and the rectangular interior is very easy to navigate when it comes to floor plans.


short bus conversion feature

Credit: Russ the Bus

Simplicity is Perfection

Sometimes a simple living space really is all you need. This conversion is as basic as it can be: a lifted bed with storage underneath, a long couch with comfy cushions, and a small fridge to hold your essential munchies.

Oh, and the dogs. Always bring the dogs.


Credit: Ally in the Bus

Use a Bold Color

Sometimes the color makes all the difference! This conversion only has basic furniture, but the bold color gave it a vibrant, lively look! Make sure you stick to one main color, then throw in a few accents here and there. We also recommend you use cooler colors because you'd generally want to keep the environment calm when you're on the road.


Credit: Beloved Cabin

Brighten it Up

Light can play tricks on your eyes! If you want to create a roomier visual effect for your skoolie conversion project, using bright colors will be your best call. This conversion is done in a standard school bus, but the white decor, especially the painted ceiling, made the space look much bigger!


Credit: Runaway.Ladymay

Use Raw Accents

We absolutely adore this short bus conversion because of the bold, raw accent used in the interior. Let wood be wood, and let nature speak. Sometimes that’s all you need to bring out your personality and create a cozy living environment.

We also highly recommend having some hanging plants on your bus. They will make the long road trips much more entertaining.


Credit: Arbour Season

Balance Aesthetic and Utility

If you’re planning on glamping with family, then this couple’s short bus conversion project would bring you tons of inspiration. They used separators in a brilliant way, which allowed them to utilize the limited space to the maximum.

They also multipurpose a lot of the furniture as storage spaces without sacrificing the interior aesthetic.


Credit: Olive the Bus

Nap Spots. More Nap Spots

Whoever first thought of putting a hammock in a camper bus must be a genius because this photo screams comfy naps. If you’re traveling with friends, having different resting spots could be quite beneficial and make the trip much more relaxing.

In the meantime, thick, warm tone curtains are a great addition for those of you who prefer a dimmer interior.


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