How to Get the Most Out of Your Beach Cart Wheels

December 1, 2021by Mike Mayleben

Large beach carts are becoming more popular every day as people realize these wagons are good for a ton of other things as well: tailgates, gardening… But this also brings up a new question: how do you get the most of your beach cart wheels, since replacement parts can sometimes be difficult to find?

Deflate Your Tires During Off-Season

The no.1 rule is to always deflate your balloon tires during the off-season, or whenever your beach cart is in storage. Stretchy materials will age and wear out as time goes on, and deflation allows you to extend that lifespan and reduce any deformation that might happen.

Also, air changes volume according to different temperatures. Therefore, if you don’t deflate your beach cart wheels, especially your balloon wheels, they may break or damage due to the air changing shape. 



12in Balloon Wheel
Image Credit Glampin Life

Never Go Over the Weight Capacity

The second rule is to never go over your beach wagon’s weight capacity. We all get that temptation — it’s a heavy-duty beach cart, going a few pounds over shouldn’t be a big deal. But keep in mind the capacity is there for a reason.

Even if your cart won’t break right away, overloading could cause distress and eventually lead to damage in the cart’s structure, or make wheels more likely to break.


Check Bearings Regularly

You should check your wheel bearings regularly to catch any early signs of damage. Is the bearing bent? Does it look like it might break? Also check to see if any debris is caught around the bearing and the beach cart wheels.

If you notice your wheels not spinning properly, try removing everything and do a thorough cleaning. Apply some lubricant then reassemble and your cart might be good as new again!


beach cart wheels balloon tires
Image Credit Galmpin Life

Order Replacement Parts from the Manufacturer

You may be able to find some replacement parts for your beach cart from a regular hardware store. But when it comes to beach cart wheels, it’s best to order directly from the manufacturer or whichever reseller you bought them from.

For one, manufacturer replacement parts are guaranteed to work with your cart. Also, many carts come with a limited warranty, and if you mess something up with random parts you scouted from hardware stores, your warranty coverage may expire because of that.


Avoid Extreme Terrains

Finally, you should avoid extreme terrains with sharp objects. Most heavy-duty beach wagons are built to go through a variety of surfaces, but that doesn’t make them invincible.

Typically, your cart would be fine on grass, paved pebble or gravel roads, and soft sand. Some heavy-duty wheels can also go over rocky surfaces. Make sure you read your cart’s manual thoroughly before taking it out on an adventure.


Rio Wonder Wheeler Conversion Kit - 12in Balloon Wheels
Image Credit Glampin Life

Shop Our Balloon Wheel Conversion Kits

And of course, you can also swap your beach cart wheels out depending on the function. For example, if you’re looking to use your beach cart on soft sand, then, you should opt for balloon wheels because they roll more effortlessly than any other type of wheels.

Featured Image Credit: Glampin' Life


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