The Best Beach Wagon For Winter Vacation

December 5, 2021by Mike Mayleben

Many places are running their cyber deal through the end of the year, so be sure to check out our best beach cart guide updated for 2021-22! However, we wanted to put together a special guide because… yes! You need the best beach wagon for winter vacation, whether it’s for yourself, the family, or even just for your little one!


YSC wagon for winter
Image Credit Amazon

YSC Folding Beach Wagon

When it comes to moving around in winter, you want something durable but also light enough for you to carry around. That’s why YSC came out on top of our list.

This cart is light, fast, and easy, with no special assembly requirements. It’s made of resistant fabric and can be folded extra small, so you can easily toss it into the back of your car.



Image Credit Amazon

PORTAL Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon

As we know, when it comes to hauling in the wintertime, it’s all about flexibility. The best features of PORTAL’s folding cart is the large, 360-degree rotating front wheel, and the 90-degree adjustable handle. 

The wagon is also solid enough for a baby or toddler to ride inside.



ultimate beach cart for winter vacay w/ table
Image Credit Glampin Life

Ultimate Beach Cart XL

Our Ultimate Beach Cart XL, again, is a perfect beach wagon for winter vacation family fun. A little kid could ride in the cart without exceeding weight capacity at all — since our cart can hold up to 200lbs — one of the largest capacities in the market!

Right now, you’ll be able to enjoy the biggest price drop we’ve ever offered, from the original $529.99 to $499.99. And you’ll realize this is an investment that will last you a lifetime through all seasons.



radio odyssey foldable beach wagon
Image Credit Amazon

Radio Flyer Odyssey

To enjoy your winter vacation, you’d need a weatherproof wagon. Radio Flyer Odyssey is basically a mini booth, with plenty of accessory pockets and a durable cover.

The cart holds up to 120lbs. If you’re planning on an outing with a little one, they can easily fit into the cart with some toys scattering around. It also comes with a cushioned seatbelt designed for toddlers to keep your baby safe.



toddler cruiser wagon for winter vacation
Image Credit Amazon

Veer Wagon Cruiser

Veer Wagon Cruiser is more of a legitimate child’s stroller than just a beach wagon, which justifies its pricing point. You can put a twin in this cruiser and have a table in the center holding their favorite drinks.

The tires are slip-proof. The cruiser can also fit an infant car seat, but you’ll need to buy a separate adapter. Overall, this is a really good deal for those looking to give their little ones a fun winter vacation 



keenz wagon cruiser
Image Credit Amazon

Keenz Class Stroller Wagon

Keenz is another great brand if you’re looking for a stroller wagon to carry little kids, toddlers, or even babies. The safety functions on this wagon will ensure a secure and fun trip for everyone, and the ergonomic design makes it stress-free for the person pushing the cart.

This wagon comes with a removable canopy and can be easily folded with one hand. You also have plenty of space to store toys, snacks, and milk bottles.

Finally, don't forget to check out our winter vacation guide for your next adventure!

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash


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