Best Custom Beach Carts to Buy in 2022

December 8, 2021by Mike Mayleben

Custom beach carts are great because they suit your unique needs, and allow you to add accessories or make adjustments to them. As we head into the new year, here is a roundup of the best custom beach cart to buy!

Take advantage of all the extended Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and the upcoming New Year’s sale, and treat yourself to a new beach wagon!

Best Beach Cart For Soft Sand

Let’s start with the best carts for soft sand, because we know many of you are winter beach lovers. These carts are great year-round and will carry everything you need for a perfect day at the beach.

glampin' life ultimate beach cart
Image Credit Glampin Life

Glampin’ Life Ultimate Beach Cart XL

Our Ultimate Beach Cart XL has sold out years in a row. It is absolutely the best for all your beach transportation needs. The large balloon tires roll effortlessly on soft sand and never get stuck. Nor do they ever sink into the sand because of the weight.

The wagon can hold up to 200lbs and comes with a 5-year limited warranty. If you don’t believe all the good things we say, simply check out the dozens of customer reviews we have for the Ultimate Beach Cart XL.



gorilla heavy duty beach cart
Image Credit Amazon

Gorilla Carts GCSW-7P 7 Cu. Ft. Collapsible Oversized Wagon

If you’re looking for an affordable beach cart that performs on soft sand, the Gorilla Oversized Wagon might be exactly what you need. This wagon has twice more capacities than other options in the market. It is also much deeper, which allows you to layer your items up on the inside.

This cart uses the classic all-terrain wheels, which function well across most surfaces. They might sink on deeper sand, but overall, this is a great cart with a reasonable price.



Best Heavy Duty Beach Wagons

Sometimes we need a heavy-duty beach wagon not for the beach, but for other things, such as tailgates or working in the garden during winter seeding. These carts are solid-built but lightweight, easily transportable, and will carry all your tools and gadgets in one trip.

best custom beach carts mac hd
Image Credit Amazon

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Wagon

If you’re looking for an entry-level heavy duty wagon without breaking the bank, Mac Sports Foldable Heavy Duty Wagon would be a great choice. These are ideal for everything outdoors, from gameday gathering a day at the beach. The wagon comes with 600 Denier Polyester fabric liner, 2 mesh bottle holders, and a rear table and holds up to 150 lbs.

The biggest perk of this beach wagon is its compatible folding. However, the tires might sink on soft surfaces or get stuck sometimes because of their smaller surface areas.



wheeleez heavy duty custom beach cart
Image Credit Amazon

Wheeleez Heavy Duty Beach Cart

Wheeleez is known for their innovative products. Some would say their carts are awkward and weird-looking, but it doesn’t take away the benefits brought by the ergonomic design and large balloon tires.

However, it could be challenging to load up the cart, especially if you’re a smaller person or don’t have much physical strength. Also, the cart isn’t necessarily collapsible other than you can take off the wheels and handle and put them inside when storing.


Best Folding Beach Cart

Who doesn’t need a foldable beach cart? It’s so much easier to store during offseason and you can pop it out anytime you want, even if you’re not going to the beach!

Rio Brands Wonder Wheeler Deluxe with Cooler Bag
Image Credit Glampin Life

Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler

Trusted by millions of households across the country, Rio Brands have always been the leader in the beach cart industry. Therefore, we rank them as our top folding beach cart.

Of course, you may have heard the Wonder Wheeler wheels sometimes drag on soft sand. We have fixed that issue once and for all with our balloon tire conversion kits designed for Wonder Wheelers.



custom beach cart wheeleez folding
Image Credit Amazon

Wheeleez Folding Beach Cart

Once again, Wheeleez made it into our top list! However, don’t expect to see a regular folding beach cart. This product is more so a dolly perfect for so much more than a trip to the beach. The unique design allows you to move much larger gear.

You can also detach the wheels and switch for other types of wheels depending on the surface. The bottom platform easily folds, and the telescope handle can be pushed in for storage.


Best Creative Beach Cart Combo

And finally, some creative beach cart combos you may have never heard about! 


mac sports combo
Image Credit Amazon

MacSports MAC Sports-Beach Day Lounger

This product features a unique beach lounge + beach cart 2-in-1 design without sacrificing the cart’s utility or the chair’s comfort! When folded, the beach lounge turns into a small wagon that carries up to 100lbs. Once you have everything unloaded, the wagon easily transforms into a comfortable beach lounger that holds up to 225lbs.

The cart comes with wide tread wheels, allowing easy transportation through various terrains. It can also be further folded for compact storage. The aluminum frame makes sure the cart is light yet sturdy. The frame is also covered in easy-to-clean fabric.



Image Credit Amazon

The Wanderr by OME Gear

This 5-in-1 creative beach wagon is undoubtedly the most robust option out there. It is also well-justified for its price point. Believe it or not, this cart serves as a hauling cart, a beach chair, a camp chair, a reclinable lounger, and a camping cot!

With a light-weight aluminum frame, this heavy-duty cart comes with 2 cup holders and holds up to 150 lbs. The patented wheels row effortlessly on many different terrains, including soft sand — and they’re not air-filled so you don’t have to worry about a blowout!



rio cart + table
Image Credit Amazon

Rio Beach Cart & Table Combo

It is impossible to not include Rio’s cart/table combo when talking about creative, compact beach carts. This genius design combines a foldable beach cart and a beach table with 4 drink holders into one.

Overall, the cart works similar to a dolly, and when you lay the cart down, the backing becomes the table surfaces and the mesh net underneath allows you to still store items under the table. The table dimensions are 41 x 21 x 11 and comes with a bungee chord. 

While the product is currently unavailable on Amazon, you can find them from Walmart and other resellers.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon




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