The Most Chic RV Interior Inspo for Your Next Project

December 14, 2021by J. Mayleben

Guess what? You don’t have to associate RV with sweating, hardcore camping, or a lonesome guy exploring the wilderness anymore! These chic RV interior inspo will refresh your understanding of what an RV could look like. And don’t forget to check out some of the best conversion resources for all things skoolie and RV!

rv interior inspo lindsay
Image Credit <a href=httpswwwlindsayhillinteriorscom>Lindsay Hill Interiors<a>

No.1 White Sand, Blue Sky, and the Pupper

White + blue is such a modern chic palette, especially when combined with geometric patterns! The new chic RV revamp from Lindsay Hill Interiors is full of inspirations with the elegant bright interior and smart choices of sub tones. And of course, take a picture with the dog. You always need the dog.



rustic RV interior
Image Credit arc aristreams on <a href=httpswwwinstagramcomarc airstreams>Instagram<a>

No.2 Old-School Rustic

What exactly is a rustic interior? Generally, rustic is about showcasing ruggedness and letting natural beauty shine. This could be unfinished wood interior, raw metal surfaces, old leather sofas, etc.

Therefore, having a rustic interior really is about showing the beauty of the materials you’re using. Forget about wallpapers or painting things over. Even the flows in your wood panels are beautiful.



holiday vibe bed
Image Credit troopnashville on <a href=httpswwwinstagramcomtroopnashville>Instagram<a>

No.3 Tis the Season

Not really a full interior revamp, but, if you’re looking for some quick hacks to match your living space for the jolly holiday season, check out what Troop Nashville has done. All it took was the right bedding set and smart lighting. Holiday lights would work too, if you don’t want to go into building a whole backlight wall.



vintage decor
Image Credit summerginther on <a href=httpswwwinstagramcomsummerginther>Instagram<a>

No.4 Let’s Go Vintage

Hot tea, an old magazine, and maybe a scented candle. Nothing speaks more chicness than an RV with a vintage interior. For starters, most vintage furniture comes in a girly powdery palette, like the pale green shown in the image above.

Missing grandma and cooking in her kitchen together? Decorate your RV in a vintage style and you’ll feel right back at home.



boho rv interior inspo
Image Credit shelbyadrift on <a href=httpswwwinstagramcomshelbyadrift>Instagram<a>

No.5 The Bohemian Girl

Boho style has been trending for years, and still hasn’t died down yet. After all, who doesn’t like big throws, rustic brown, soft leather couches, and tons of house plants? The core to having a boho-style interior is the decor: macrame, couch and pillow covers, knitted afghans, woven carpets… Go as comfy as you can!



polka dots
Image Credit <a href=httpRVsharecom>RVsharecom<a>

No.6 Polka dots!

Okay. Maybe you don’t need to go that extreme. But polka dots are always a fun and chic element to add to your RV, especially if you’re traveling with children!

There are tons of creative ways to add polka dots to your interior. Wallpapers, painting the dots, cut out and paste, or do what this RV-er has done and make it 3D! The choice is yours.


Featured Image Credit: Lindsay Hill Interiors




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