10 Essential Full Time RV Living Tips from Real Glampers

February 24, 2022by J. Mayleben

RV living has been a growing trend in the past few years across demographics, but it’s not that easy to just pack and go. So we decided to collect 10 essential full time RV living tips from real glampers who’s done it and made it.

Know Your Ride

This is probably the most important tip you can get. You should always know your ride, whether it’s a camper van, an RV, or a converted school bus. Understanding your vehicle will save you a lot of trouble and keep you safe. 

Always Plan Ahead

Impulse traveling might sound cool, but the reality is it’s always better to plan ahead and do some research, even if it’s only a week or two ahead. You can enjoy your trip more thoroughly and with way less stress.

You. Need. Insurance!

Gosh, get RV insurance. It’s a lot less complicated compared to schoolbus insurance, so there is no excuse for you to be driving without protection. This is being responsible for yourself and everyone else.

full time rv living tips
Image from Unsplash

Understand The Financial Challenges With FT RVing

Full time RV living might sound cool, but not everybody can work-from-anywhere. Therefore, have a realistic understanding of the financial challenges is crucial. Be prepared to pick up gigs like serving and bartending as you go when time gets rough. The challenge is part of the fun.

Learn to Generate Passive Income

See all those Instagram influencers? While you don’t have to live for the camera, full time RV living is a hot niche right now. Therefore, look into how you can generate passive income with sponsorships, advertising, and creating unique content. Every bit of money helps fund your dream!

Downsize as Much as You Can

Bring only the necessity to your RV. Yes, make the RV interior cute and comfortable, but don’t overdo it with décor and other things. Also, be mindful of what you bring and where you put them. Always put road safety as top priority.

RV camper in wilderness
Image from Unsplash

Learn to Be Flexible and Have Fun

For you to enjoy a full time RV life to the fullest, you must learn to be flexible. The best memories are often unexpected. Maybe you had to modify your destination due to a closure. Or perhaps you decided to follow a cool sign in the road. Be safe, but be flexible and learn to go with the flow.

Things Will Happen. Don’t Stress!

It’s not always going to be sunny and happy. Understand unpleasant things will happen, whether it’s a flat tire or unexpected illness. In these unwanted situations, stress only makes everything worse.

full time rv tips on the road
Image from Unsplash

Practice Communication with Your Partner

If you’re traveling with your partner or the whole family, learn each person’s communication style and build an effective conversation pattern. Order and clear instructions can often be life savers. And driving is stressful enough. You don’t need to be fighting with people you love.

Reflect After a Trip

There is always room for improvement. Therefore, it’s best to reflect after each trip, see what you did right and what could have been better. There are different ways to do the reflection. Some keep a journal, others do it over conversations. Find the way that suits you the most!




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