How Much Does RV Insurance Cost

February 18, 2022by Mike Mayleben

Back when we talked about essential Skoolie conversion tips, one of the core things we mentioned was getting school bus insurance, because it is quite different from your regular car insurance. Well, the same goes with you RV glampers as one of the most frequently asked questions from people new to the glamping lifestyle is: how much does RV insurance cost?

Briefly, full-time RV insurance costs $1500 on average but can range between $1000 to $2000. If you own a class-A RV, that price could go up even more.

RV insurance
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Where to find RV Insurance

Most major insurance providers now provide RV insurance. We’re talking GEICO, Progressive, State Farm, etc. In other words, you’ll find it much more easier to insure your RV than a new skoolie project.

Determine the Right Coverage

Like regular car insurance, your coverage will impact the cost of your RV insurance. Usually, people would consider adding the following, if not all of these coverage options:

  • Theft coverage
  • Road accident coverage
  • Person/injury coverage

Also, understand that your RV insurance is still just a type of automobile insurance. Even if you use your RV as your primary living space, it still doesn’t make your RV insurance policy cover any interiors or personal belongings.

Therefore, if you’re a full-time RV-er, you might need to purchase separate insurance policies to cover your home assets.

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Cost Factors

So, what are the cost factors that impact how much your RV Insurance cost? Below are a few of the key items:

Type, age, and condition

The first thing that effects your RV insurance cost is, naturally, your RV. As mentioned earlier, Class A motorhomes cost more than Class Bs and Cs to get insured. 


Like general car insurance, your garaged location (usually your residential address) for your RV will have an impact on the overall insurance cost. If you live in an area with more risks of wreckage, inclement weather, or theft, your insurance would probably be more expensive.


Is your RV your main home, or only used for glamping and outing? Maybe you plan on utilizing that RV or trailer for your business? Different usage, personal and commercial, would drastically change your policy, so make sure you talk to a knowledgeable agent before signing anything!

Driving experience & Driving Records

Driving an RV is challenging in itself. Therefore, don’t expect your insurance provider to go easy on you when it comes to your driving experience and records. If you have a concerning record with a regular car, chances are you will face an astronomical RV insurance bill. It’s sad, but it’s the reality.

how much does RV insurance cost
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Best Full Time RV Insurance Providers in the US

With some research, we’ve found you the top 5 full time RV insurance providers in the US:

  • Good Sam: Known to be the best RV insurance agency.
  • Nationwide: They’re great for families with multiple vehicles, campers, and RVs as their multiple discounts are sweet.
  • National General: If you have a Class A RV or simply love your camper to death, National General should be your choice. They are the best when it comes to full replacement cost coverage.
  • Progressive: Best for disappearing deductibles, and overall a decent company to insure with.
  • Auto-Owners Insurance: Nobody likes to deal with insurance issues, whether it’s filing a claim or the follow-up steps. Auto-Owners is known for their outstanding customer service and you’ll always get a live human on the phone.

We hope this information help clarify how much a full-time RV insurance cost. Stay safe, and good luck with updating your policy! If you need more help. Check out our these RV/Skoolie resources!


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