6 Best Moments When RV’ing With Your Dog

February 14, 2022by J. Mayleben

RV with dogs is a whole different experience — we will at least say that much. We've heard a lot of people expressing both excitement and concerns when it comes to traveling with their animals. But let us tell ya. No matter what planning and prep and maintenance work you need for your dogs to be comfortable in the RV, it's all worth it. You won't regret the memories you will make.

rv with dog family pic

Family Pic Time

One of the best moments about RV with dogs is taking group pics. Your fur baby seems to always know the best pose for each occasion, wouldn't you agree? Even if it's an unpolished, exhausted group picture after a long drive, the picture just looks so much happier because the dog is there. Frankly, we will take these pictures over fancy Instagram photo ops any day!

bored dog rv pic

Mom, I'm Bored!

Have you ever had those moments? You were driving perfectly fine, really didn't need another coffee shop, but your fur baby was giving you that watery-eyed look. "Mom, I'm so bored!" We hear the unspoken words, and those floppy ears, that wagging tail, those tiny paws, and...

Well, guess we're taking a break. Come buddy, let's get out and move our limbs around for a bit! rv with dog taking bunker bed

Taking the Bunker Beds

We swear. Once upon a time, there were human kids in this place. But somehow, it happened — the dogs have taken over the bunker beds. I mean... they seem so comfortable, and they fit perfectly in there. We guess we did miss the days when the kids were around. But we're just as happy with our fur babies running around in our RV nowadays.


Go Everywhere Together

There are many places your dogs won't get to go unless you have them with you in the RV wherever you go. Look at this happy upper in her pink life jacket. Doesn't she look like a proud captain standing in that kayak? So tell us, are you ready to set sail? Because the adventure is calling!

rv with dog in the driving seat

Can I Drive?

We've all had those ambitious student drivers who think they can dominate the road. Sometimes you just have to say no to it. But if it's your dog baby offering to go behind the wheel, maybe you should give them a shot sometimes! Or at least get them all set up for a photo op. Because that's a big moment for them, you know?

rv kids and dogs

Hey, Brother

One of the best moments from RV with dogs is when you have a fur baby and a human child. There is nothing more heartwarming seeing both of them growing up together, bonding like blood-related siblings. That kind of experience will stay with your child throughout their life. And it will plant love and companionship deeply in their heart.

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