The Pros and Cons of Living in an RV

March 30, 2022by Mike Mayleben

Not so long ago, we asked some pro RV-ers to share their tips about living in an RV. Since then, we’ve gathered more information and decided to put together a list of pros and cons of living in an RV.

Pros: Endless Adventure

Of course, the best part of living in an RV is the adventures. Being on the road and always exploring new places is usually what got people into RVing at the beginning. No doubt having an RV will let you get to places you otherwise wouldn’t go. Even if you’re RVing part-time, it’s still a great getaway from your daily life.

Cons: Stress From Living on the Road

Sadly, many ignore the stress of living on the road. Many unexpected things could happen. Plus, if you get sick while living in an RV, it’s usually harder to care for yourself.

Also, not having a physical base, in general, could be stressful for many not used to the nomad lifestyle. Living in an RV also takes a lot of upkeep — in reality, you’re not shooting sunsets or picking flowers every day.

pros and cons of living in an rv

Pros: Minimum Living

All these organizing experts like Marie Kondo started a whole minimalistic living trend. Living in the RV is definitely minimal. It challenges you to change your way of thinking regarding physical possessions. Therefore, RV living could free us from worldly modern life and the stress related to it.

Cons: Space Limitations on What You Can Own

But not everything can be downsized. What if you inherited things from a passed loved one? Also, if you currently live in a big house, downsizing into an RV, even a class-A motor home, could be challenging.

Plus, living in an RV means you have limited options in building your possessions. Your space is limited, so the traditional “settle and grow some roots” way of living will not work in this case.

rv lifestyle

Pros: Lower Living Expenses

The rent prices have been going crazy, and living in an RV quickly gets you out of that. Sure. Full-time RV living cost is not as low as many thought. But compared to traditional ways of living, especially if you are in a high living-cost city? RVing sounds far more promising.

Cons: Unstable Income

However, not everyone knows how to work from anywhere. Also, not everyone is mentally suitable for working remotely without a steady job. Therefore, creating a stable income is often the biggest challenge RVers talk about. But, of course, there are ways to go around it. For example, you can pick up part-time work everywhere you go, freelance remotely, or even slowly build passive income with your RV lifestyle. So, seriously think about how you will support yourself living in an RV before taking any leap.

pros cons rv

Pros: Unique Experience For Your Kids

This final pair of pros and cons of living in an RV is for parents. So true. You can’t give your kids a more exciting childhood than taking them with you on wild adventures. The memories and experiences built during that time will last your kids a lifetime.

Cons: Parenting Challenges

However, new parenting challenges come with the RV lifestyle. Are you ready to home-school your kids? How do you train them to interact with society if you mostly live in nature? While your kids may learn valuable survival skills, what about skills needed for a traditional lifestyle if they decide to pursue a stable career? These are all great questions to ask yourself.

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